Morrissey Scores Again

Joe Morrissey
Joe Morrissey
Joseph Dee Morrissey, born September 23, 1957, is an American politician and lawyer from Henrico, Virginia. Formerly as a Democrat, he served as Commonwealth's Attorney of Richmond, Virginia 1989?93 and was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in November 2007. | Photo: Archives | Joe Morrissey, Virginia House Of Delegates, Democrat , Gun, Rifle, Weapon, Ak47,

Morrissey started at the bottom and went down in the world

You've got to hand it to Joe Morrissey.

What are terms we could use to describe this person? "Loose cannon on the deck," or maybe a "He-bull in a China shop," or perhaps "Never saw a secretary he didn't like."

The Virginia State Senate candidate admitted to fathering a child with his 19-year-old personal secretary Myrna Pride. His confession came during a Richmond radio talk interview when Morrissey admitted yes he is the father of little baby Chase Morrissey, sired with the teenage personal secretary.

This gives new meaning to the old question, "Can you take dictation?"

Morrissey had already been sentenced to serve three months in a work release plea bargain program for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. A few weeks ago the State Senate candidate released a bizarre posed photo of himself and his secretary with their baby dressed in Old South Confederate-Period Antebellum costume. At the time when the reporter to whom Morrissey gave the staged photo asked if this was proof Morrissey was the baby's father, the Virginia politico said "No" and walked away.

Lying and premarital sex don't mean Big Joe can't be an effective legislator.

But Morrissey has a long history of tempting fate and sliding by, and in the case of his secretary as in religion, believing deeply in the "Second Coming" (or third).

When he was an attorney he was a guest lecturer at a college in Australia in 2003 and was fired for failing to disclose the fact he had been disbarred. An Australian Bar Association in 2006 found that he was "Not a fit and proper person to be a legal practitioner (attorney)."

With that recommendation Joe decided he was ready to go into politics.

His record since has been a combination of Huey Long, Don Juan and Jack the Ripper.

As an attorney, he was cited for contempt of court 10 times and jailed and arrested five times. This doesn't even mention reprimands, fines, suspensions, and as the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board stated, "Unprofessional conduct, inappropriate responses to stress, an uncontrollable temper and dishonesty."

Wait there's more.

In 2013 Morrissey was investigated for having an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old girl and in 2014 indicted for indecent liberties with a minor, and possession and distribution of child pornography. According to the investigating documents, Morrissey had sex with an underage girl numerous times in his office.

He denied the charges, saying the girl consulted him instead about family problems and that a special prosecutor was "Out to get me."

He also used an obscenity on live TV in 2014 and generated national attention when he waved an AK-47 rifle over his head in 2013 at the Virginia House of Delegates during a debate on gun control. Formerly a Democrat, Morrissey served in the House of Delegates until March of 2015 when he was disqualified for filing to run for a State Senate seat outside his district.

In his non-scandal life he is currently single and has fathered four children by three different women. He is thus Richmond's most eligible bachelor.

Morrissey will run for the Virginia Senate seat as an independent.

Asked about his previous legal and romantic troubles, the lawmaker responded, "I'm not very subtle," perhaps the political understatement of all time.

It remains unclear as of press time if Joe Morrissey, considering his considerable bounce-back-from-adversity-ability, might eventually seek national office or the presidency. He has already proven Isaac Newton's law of gravity wrong.

He's one of the few people who keeps getting elected despite the fact he started at the bottom and went down in the world.

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