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The Tattered and Broken Society Around the World

This was supposed to start with the obvious - global warming. However, in listening to John Stewart on the Charleston Church shooting, it gives a far greater introduction to what was to be said here about a broken and tattered world. There is so much truth in what he said on June 19, 2015. He covered all of the world and its deep-seated racism, terrorism and many other evils visited upon the world.

Coming back to what affects the entire world, the Inuit elders - people of the earth - have confirmed that the earth's axis had shifted after the Japanese earthquake. Even though the scientists have many different ways to chart, map and predict the earth's movements, the climate, the weather and more, this shift has caused a great deal of problems for the scientists as well as for the earth people. They can no longer predict the weather, the seasons and, in general, the climate has changed significantly. Added to this is the complete disrespect that Man has for the earth and its environment in general, causing it to die a slow and terrible death. It will soon be no longer fit for humans to live in, unless they all turn to vicious animals. This is something that is not as farfetched given all the murderous atrocities occurring in the world - that is that Man can turn into a vicious animal.

Aside from the total destruction of the natural environment, Man has also perfected the art of creating complete and utter social destruction of the environments they live in. It is all about the money in many instances - how else would you make use of weapons, manufactured or bought at exorbitant costs. Conspiracy theories are rife, and there are a number of these to be true, but fear makes people wary of exposing them. War is but a small contribution to the utter despairing persecution of various religious groups around the world. Christians cry out at the atrocities of ISIS, but many forget that there are many other religions that suffer the same fate in other scenarios. What about the Buddhist persecutions such as the Tibetan monks and nuns? Wars between nations and even between countrymen (Syria and Ethiopia to name two). With children suffering the brunt of it, does not seem to deter the hateful people out there.

Furthermore the world is disease ridden with the latest in terminal illness - not as recognized as others - Alzheimer disease. It must have been around for a while, but the stigma and shame of the symptoms must have given many the need to hide it. Many people are coming forward now admitting to the presence of the disease in their lives. Popular artists who have been recent victims are Omar Sharif, and country singer, Glenn Campbell. Every second person one runs into has someone in the family or knows of someone who has the disease. Parked right next to cancer and HIV Aids, it is a disease that has taken over the world contributing to its tatters and brokenness. There is no cure for any of these, but expensive treatments, where people die of the disease anyway.

The most important aspect of the broken and tattered world is that most of the leaders of this world do not have a clue as to how to deal with the dire states of their own countries. They do not have answers to their internal problems, but they are willing to sacrifice the lives of their soldiers to deal with problems in other countries. They let their own cities die - Detroit, case in point - but have all the resources to fight wars across hundreds of miles away. A broken society with no answers for its tattered Water World state, diving head first into complete implosion.

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