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The Man Who Saved the Union
The Man Who Saved the Union
The Man Who Saved the Union: Author H W Brands examines the life of the enigmatic Ulysses S. Grant, a man whose importance to the preservation of the nation through the Civil War is equal to Abraham Lincoln's. ---Anthony Bergen | Photo: Doubleday Books | Literature, Ulysses Grant, Author, H W Brands,

A shrewd move or political pandering

Even though we have not had a national debate between the candidates running for the Democratic nomination for President, and even though one of the candidates (Sanders) is offering a, "Workplace Democracy Act", in order to make workplace organizing easier - some major unions have still come out to endorse Hillary Clinton.

Never mind that some of Clinton's campaign backers aren't necessarily pro-labor, and never mind that Bernie Sanders has been a lifelong fighter for union members and laborers, what about the fact that these so-called democratic organizations are ignoring their members by declaring support for Clinton without member justification.

One of the major unions to endorse Hillary Clinton didn't even survey more than 1% of their members (active and retired) to see who they wanted to stand behind before making the endorsement. That means that union leaders, acting as union rulers, are dictating who the union will endorse instead of taking a vote of all the members to determine democratically who the collective union would like to endorse.

Numerous members of these unions have gone onto social media to voice their displeasure, not only with the endorsement of a corporatist plutocrat in Clinton, but for not being properly surveyed so they could be represented by their union. It is a shame that they are being treated as invisible participants in the very organization that exists to supposedly serve them, reminds me of the ills of our own governing system.

The latest union that is signaling to endorse Clinton is the largest union in the republic, the National Education Association, but numerous members are extremely displeased with once again being ignored by their leadership and having their preference made for them without being asked. In fairness to the NEA, they haven't decided as of yet, and it seems that they are at least open to listening to members before making the endorsement.

Many union leaders expressed excuses for why they want to back Hillary - one of the most heard is that she can out raise the Koch brothers, as if the Koch brothers even have a viable Presidential candidate, let alone ignoring all the equally sleazy backers that have and will continue to contribute to the Clinton campaign, overtly and in dark pools funneled through super-PACs.

Reaching the one million unique donor mark for his campaign faster than any candidate in history, Sanders still seems like the better candidate to not only represent organized labor, but all workers across this Republic; but I guess people don't count any longer, what does count is cronyism, large corporate backers, and unlimited dark pools of money to defeat the evil Koch brothers in a plutocrat vs. plutocrat showdown - as if plutocrats or their backers have any desire to empower laborers, how unimaginably foolish of these union leaders.

Or, perhaps it is I who is foolish, discounting the current corrupt atmosphere that exists, those union leaders may actually be looking for a plutocrat to represent them in this corporate dominated oligarchy. As those unions represent the front lines for the offense on ensuring a living wage and worker-representation, perhaps they hope they can sway Clinton over with reason and an appeal to the general welfare of our citizens, and get her to lead the charge on expanding the minimum wage to a living wage, and bringing back worker protections dismantled over the past decade. That's a big hope, and I hope they are correct if she indeed wins the nomination.

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