Tired feet
Tired feet
The symptoms of tired feet often occur after long periods of walking or standing. As we age, the incidence of tired, aching feet becomes much more common and more prolonged. | Photo: | Tired Feet, Skin, Sleepy, Walking, Foot,

The Sleep Saga

The academic fields all agree that the basic needs of a human being is to have water, food and shelter. There is, however, one other aspect that a human being cannot do without, and that is sleep. It is imperative that the average human has to have sleep as a necessity to survive. Then again, any living thing needs sleep to revive for simple or basic living. Dogs, for example can get irritated and aggressive if they do not get enough sleep. It is no wonder they say: "let sleeping dogs lie."

Sleep is important as it allows the body to revive and be refreshed for the basic living of everyday. It is especially necessary if you have a tough working situation, whether it is physical labor or emotional or intellectual activity. Sleep is a built-in mechanism of most living things. There are different opinions on how much sleep human beings need each day. Some say that you need up to eleven hours of sleep, others say that you need a maximum of eight hours sleep, and others say that you only need six hours of sleep. One could say that all three opinions are acceptable as the need for sleep and how long you sleep would differ form person to person.

It is important to use the clichéd globalization as part of the sleep saga. I refer here to it as a cliché, but it is a reality that cannot be escaped. In referring to sleep, globalization definitely has an effect on the human beings of this earth. It is especially the online community of workers, and businesses that are at the brunt of the sleep saga. If, for example, you are living in South Africa, and you are working for an employer in Pakistan, the time difference is around five hours, depending on where the person lives in Pakistan. There are often deadlines and, hence, you would have to cut into your sleeping pattern in order to meet these deadlines.
The result is that very often your nighttime becomes your daytime and your daytime becomes your nighttime. This simply means that you need to sleep during the day and work at night. The same applies if you would be working for someone in the USA. Simply put, your sleeping patterns are completely turned inside out. The reason why it can become a problem is that your body is telling you that it needs to be the other way around. This causes conflict within, and added to that, it can also cause conflict in your household, especially if you have responsibilities.

The result is that you do not get sufficient rest and you become severely stressed. Even though you have friends all over the world going through the same thing, your immediate environment can be very unsupportive if they do not fully understand the implications of your sleeping patterns and the reason for it. The best option is to make peace with it yourself, do your work and sleep the way you find necessary; otherwise you will have a meltdown.

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