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Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz
Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz, born December 22, 1970, is the junior United States Senator for the state of Texas since 2013. He is a member of the Republican Party and was Solicitor General of Texas from 2003 to May 2008. | Photo: New York Times | Link | Ted Cruz, United States Senator, Texas, Canada, Republican,

Let's assume Cruz's comments were truthful

Let's assume Ted Cruz's comments at the debate about the questions being asked of him and other candidates, that they were examples of that age-old Republican crutch, "The Liberal Media."

Let's assume this was true.

There's no doubt reporters vote. They have personal private preferences when they vote as private citizens. You reading this have a preference. Everyone does. Why is it wrong if a reporter does?

Some reporters are liberal. Others are conservative (Fox News).

When George Bush decided to launch the disastrous Iraq War that created Isis, the so-called "Liberal Media" went along with it and asked no tough questions at the time.

Since whomever the president of the United States becomes, since he or she will have to deal with a constituency partially (about one-half) in disagreement, since this is the case, this was Ted Cruz's chance to show he could lead all Americans.

And how did he do it? By pointing a finger.

Make no mistake. Cruz is the kind of zealot who if he's elected will accuse Americans who disagree with him as being disloyal.

Most observers claim Cruz won the debate. He did so by accusing, not explaining, to the applause of a Republican-biased audience who acted once again like the torch-carrying mob in a Frankenstein movie.

Think of the irony. Cruz wants to be the leader of the free world. He wants to deal with apocalyptic types of crises of the kind that can turn the planet into a nuclear cinder in an instant. He will be tasked with providing the lead in solving climate change that has turned a once 700-foot-deep ice glacier in Greenland into a current cocktail-sized cube and which many of his supporters deny happened.

Cruz, who according to the polls is not going to be nominated, won the debate not by patiently explaining his position (showing leadership) in an enlightening responsible fashion that refutes those dumb liberally-biased questions.

Instead, he reacted like the reactionary he always has been, in a visceral, impulsive, hot-headed manner and that even if what he said was true, demonstrated for all to see his inability to lead. His supporters were too stupid or biased to see it.

How's a man like this going to deal with Putin? Point a finger at him and say, "You're not fair to me."

Is there a class in acting like Abraham Lincoln these candidates could learn?

Cruz said during the debate, "This is why the American people don't trust the media."

Ted is too thick to understand the ludicrousness of his own remarks. If the questions are liberally-biased as he claims, then liberals (at the very least) trust the media. Cruz said "The American people," that means all of us, including liberals who trust the Liberal Media.

Lie number one.

Remember, conservatives have their own biased media, Fox News.

Cruz then said, "This is not a cage match," a sports homily that unless you're a fan of television wrestling, you wouldn't understand.

That's like me saying "It's fourth down and ten yards to go." Unless you watch television football, you don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Remember Cruz wants to be president of all Americans including newly arrived immigrants who will say, "What does fourth down mean?"

Ted said "cage match."

Cage match?

It isn't a cage match?

Donald Trump, strutting and posing, throwing his chin out like he was the Masked Marvel in the wrestling ring, although in recent days he has toned his act down as his poll numbers have slipped.

Lie number two.

Cruz, interrupting the questioning panel moderator in mid-sentence, then said the Democrat debate (in contrast to the Republican) treated the candidates like children on Christmas morning and only posed the question, "Which one of you is more handsome and wise?"

Handsome and wise?

Handsome and wise? Which one? Clinton or Bernie Sanders? I've always felt Hillary Clinton is much more handsome than Bernie Sanders although Bernie Sanders even though he looks like an old man has soulful eyes.

Ted, if you're going to act like a demagogue, a gangster at a gathered meeting of mob bosses clenching fists at each other as they accuse each other of encroaching on each other's territories, you could at least have the decency to pour out verbal vitriol that is intelligent.

Ted kept going. "Nobody watching at home believes any of the (debate) moderators are going to vote in the Republican primaries."

Once again Ted claims to speak for me although how the moderators are going to vote is their own personal choice and none of his (Ted's) or my business, and I personally couldn't care less how they vote.

Ted is that not-so-rare anymore politician. He's not lucky enough to be clever despite himself. He defends his record by refusing to explain it, and by accusing the questioner. But if that wasn't enough, he then engages in taunts that are lies and gets applauded for it because the audience is composed of angry white guys (and a few women) whose hostility to everything they despise seems to center around a president they secretly consider a "Darkie."

Then Ted , in the U.S. Senate only since 2012, engaged in a triple-tiered lie, saying Republican candidates have more experience (than Clinton?), more ideas (than Sanders?), more common sense (Ted you're kidding right?), and that the Democrat debate was an example of a group of Bolsheviks.

Ted doesn't understand history enough to use the more recent word Communism.

Even though he is Latino, Ted is white-looking enough for the Republican audience of "Angry White Guys," or if not could serve as one of the racial tokens the Republican Party uses to smokescreen their racist beliefs like the black doctor who in the polls is the current front runner.

Did you read the above passage Ted? See I can do it too. If you can call reporters asking tougher questions than those asked at the Democrat debate disloyal to you, by accusing them of unfairness, if you can do this by unfairly not answering their questions and by your own personal angry abusive behavior.

If you can do that, then I can unfairly accuse you of being a moron who comes up with a stupid taunt --- who is handsomer, Clinton or Bernie?

Ted, you can't even make up an intelligent insult.

I don't want a man for president who can't insult intelligently.

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