a Loss to Europe??

Baltimore Riots
Baltimore Riots
Baltimore Riots
On April 12, 2015, Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old African American man who was a resident of Baltimore, MD, fell into a coma while in transport as the result of injuries to his neck and spine sustained while being transported in a police vehicle and later died. This event led to rioting in Baltimore. On May 1, 2015, Gray's death was ruled a homicide. | Photo: Archives | Baltimore Riots, Freddie Gray, Maryland, Police Car, Violence, Riot, Fist, Crime ,

Losing Overseas Is Bad, But A Loss To Europe Is The Worst

Historians will quip that Bill Clinton was called the first Black President, but then again that might offend someone and then we'll never get to history. Which is a problem, because Americans, depending more and more on a Japanese style economy of debt and services, will only get access to all their cool stuff so long as the world is paid proper in honorifics and, more often than not, that is just history.

Just as Richard Koo ushered in the age of Obama, calling Austerity a paper tiger without real logic or sense and Pikkety promised the rise of Sanders, Clinton had at least one economic Best Seller everyone had to read.

It was about long-term economic structures that would mortgage the present for the future, explaining how certain commodity structures would pay overtime, but required more help. Like investing in a 0 emissions car with platinum or palladium parts for example. The investment would pay off but the upkeep was higher.

Anyway, Bill Clinton won the mandate of the people by convincing people that the 90s would be clean. The SUVs certainly looked organic. The personal communication systems looked sleek or rugged, but the carbon footprint... Relied on nukes, right? And importing manufacturing over seas, right?

Lying? What about lying? Corruption? These things usually follow in a Ponzi scheme and the Kyoto Protocols are firmly locked in the Ponzi scheme stages of paying warm countries to allow cold countries to break the law and burn fuels to stay warm while everyone else chills out with their economies. But I digress.

Bill Clinton's Economist of the Moment award for Lester Thurow and his book Head to Head came with a prologue. And the prologue stated that Empires, great Empires, even Chinese Empires failed when trying to over manage world economies and mis-price global, what, shipping and failed by failing to manage their borders.

Mismanage your borders and you mismanage your culture, and you lose the plot of honorifics pissing off your viewership with petulant behavior in an empire that spends more at the Cheesecake Factory than most of the world spends in a month.

And so Rand Paul would remind you. Too political. Too white. Too zany Rand Paul that successfully filibustered twice on the Senate floor would remind you. Just as he reminded voters that Americans were disengaging from the world during the second Republican debates. They are.
Everyone... Notes... From Baltimore...

I was in Eastern Europe, tracking the Ukrainian crisis as best I could, corresponding with an American who needed a writer to write about racial police abuse in a fictional setting. The cause was Baltimore. (The riots) I told her my focus currently was the Cold War. She laughed at me and called me pretentious for thinking I was better than the President. When I got back to her after getting a Cold War story critical of the Administration published, the President was signing legislation forbidding police threats Online. Rather than open up to the cause of a world without Nuclear threat, she dubbed me recruited in the fight against the anti-Christ in the Oval Office.

American hegemony is taking on an ugly dose of domestic isolationism and the world is worse off for a haughty televised protester class that cares nothing of peace and wants nothing but a Government oversight job, doing nothing but other people's jobs. When isolationism results in imperialism, a loss to Europe is sure to follow.

This week, the November 5 Anonymous marches are set to wreck economic havoc on markets. The reason, of course, is America's failing Foreign Policy unable to keep the peace despite hundreds of military bases across the world.

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