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Sanders Blackout

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders
Bernard "Bernie" Sanders, born September 8, 1941, is an American politician and the junior United States Senator from Vermont. A Democrat as of 2015, he had been the longest-serving independent in U.S. Congressional history. | Bernie Sanders, Politician, Senator, Democrat, Glasses, Smile,

Conservative Media Strikes Back

A few weeks ago, I learned about an online readers’ poll by Time Magazine, that was asking who the person of the year should be. One of the names was Senator Bernie Sanders, who happens to be running for President of the United States, and who has been fighting for liberty, democracy, and equality for multiple decades. The first thought that came to mind after learning this was that Sanders was going to win the poll, and somehow or someway, the oligarchs would undoubtedly have him removed from contention.

Well, a few weeks later and just like magic, or treachery depending on viewpoint, Sanders wins the poll by 10% and doesn’t end up on the list of finalists for Time’s “Person of the Year”? Yet the racist, xenophobic, and bigoted Donald Trump did make the list of finalists, a person who inherited mass amounts of wealth and is more or less an entertainer for the dull and dumb.
There was also an interesting analysis performed on the amount of air time given to Donald Trump versus that given to Bernie Sanders on ABC World News, which more or less mirrors the other corporate media coverage of the democratic candidates, especially the coverage of Sanders. Of course, since the corporate media are interested in pushing misinformation or sensationalized misfits, murderers, thugs, or morons for ratings, Trump totaled 81 minutes, per every one minute granted to Sanders.

Once upon a time there was this notion of fairness over the public airwaves for political candidates, in order to prevent corporate interests from pushing a specific candidate on their media outlets, while blocking out candidates they did not agree with – as that is antidemocratic. I can’t imagine a giant capitalistic transnational conglomerate like the Disney Corporation, who owns ABC News, wants to support a democratic socialist, which is another great sign for citizens searching for a Presidential candidate not captured by special interests; but horrible news for Sanders’s chances of gaining the exposure required to galvanize enough likely voters to win the democratic primaries.

Ensuring Sanders does not become the Democratic nominee for President is the best strategy for the Conservatives. The eventual Conservative candidate for President will stand a much better chance of winning if they do not have to face a movement that holds the potential of creating a real challenge to the hierarchy of corporate and special interest-backed control over our governing intuitions.

Some think such a statement is naïve or grandiose, those same people are the naïve ones, as they think and state that Sanders will not be able to create change all by himself, especially in a Congress filled with obstructionists. If they were listening, they would have heard Sanders tell everyone that himself, and if they speak to supporters of Sanders, they would know that change occurs from the bottom-up, which is the democratic revolution Sanders speaks of.

The power of the Presidency, combined with the media coverage around the Presidency, are the most effective tools available to a sitting President when they wish to wield it. Combine that with a galvanized electorate willing to take bold measures (e.g. Mass protests, boycotts, public-awareness events, etc..) along with constant calls, emails, letters, and visits to the offices of their representatives, a shift back to people/community first governance will return. Democracy, liberty, and equality are the three biggest threats to entrenched powers, which is why corporate-owned media will continue to ignore Sanders, as he has represented equality, liberty, and democracy for the past 40 years.

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