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Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, born October 7, 1952, is a Russian politician who has been the President of Russia since 7 May 2012. Putin previously served as President from 2000 to 2008, and as Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 to 2000 and again from 2008 to 2012. | Photo: | Vladimir Lenin, Russia, Revolutionary, Communist, Hat, Soviet Union,

A Lot Can Go Wrong, Maybe Everything

Poland was a country that didn't even make it to the international weather report of most stations until only recently. (Just a couple of years ago) Last year, CNN featured it in a travel report, and it was mentioned 3 times this Summer in tourist reports big enough to make it to Yahoo after years of lobbying Western European markets. Poland's European Cup FIFA hosting was in 2012. What changed?

Socialist Europe is filling up and needs more room to accommodate a booming Africa and Arabia. So the media's paying lip service to pressure Poland to pack individuals from other continents into their economy. It begrudgingly was. And that changed with the horrendous November 13th Paris atrocities.

The Washington Post launched a series of partisan attacks on the ruling government, burying stories of corruption that began with the previous free-market Administration. Immediately, CNN followed up with another spotlight on Poland, pairing emerging market anecdotes with a vicious partisan broadside from noted plagiarist Farad Zarqawi.

Since then and for the last month, Poland has appeared in the news weekly if not daily.

The story is usually pretty straight-forward. Trump supporter, racist, simpleton Poland has diverged from its glorious, poetic civic-minded past to spurn the lofty goals of the one-world project. It's rejecting Europe, censoring art and beginning a media purge, and soon it will be a Nazi sympathizer. (Oh, it's packing its ruling court which was packed by the previous Administration)

It is true that the European flag has been removed from certain State presentations. It's also true that a certain sexual public rehearsal has been dubbed pornography and is facing State criticism. Threats of a media purge are frankly long overdue in a country where politicians are found mysteriously dead leading up to the latest FIFA presentation in a media situation that is increasingly writing in a foreign language with foreign values.

The previous government barred Russians from celebrating the 70 year end of World War Two. And it allowed barring Russians from commercial space. It also ejected a Russian journalist as a spy.

This government has its own spat with Russia. It wants more American presence in Poland. It wants to become a permanent NATO base affiliate – something that would violate understandings between America and the Russian Federation after the breakup of the Berlin Wall in 1991. However, it just canceled some $5 Billion in arms purchases from American firms boasting a dramatic increase in sales in 2015 of over a third to some $45 Billion. It also canceled procurement of American Patriot missiles.

One security official promised that Poland, ''Will get its Patriots,'' referring to the robust Missile Defense Shield that could either prevent Nuclear Fallout or start a war with Russia.

A Defense expert affirmed that real changes in US force posture this far East will provoke reactions from Russia. Any dedication to a lasting stationed troop presence in Eastern Europe could lead to quick escalation.

Russian rockets have been reported in neighboring Kalingrad since rowdy protesters at Kiev's Maidan square chased President Yanukovich out. (Gallup currently polls President Poroshenko at 9 points lower than Yanukovich's %28)

So, Poland takes center stage in the American media as Europe sits down in mid-December to discuss Russian sanctions with Italy, France and Greece suggesting that the time for sanctions is over. Poland, of course, did not see things that way, wishing to leverage their position for more status. (They are of course housing 400,000 Ukrainians)

According to Russia Today, sanctions were renewed for another 6 months. Western media is silent on the matter. Perhaps this is explained from the Thanksgiving assertion of one Polish American journalist with Russian pedigree that sanctions on Russia will end, ''Soon.''

Analysts question if the new assault on Poland is a, ''P.R. failure turned geopolitical disaster?''

During the sanction talks in mid December, the Law and Justice Polish ruling party raided their NATO counter intelligence center (of excellence) in the middle of the night to rotate it out under claims that the government's getting cut out of valuable intelligence.

Liberals staged marches in the country capital and throughout Polish cities against a reconfiguration of the ruling tribunal court which the court itself has decided was at least partially appropriate. The next day, conservatives rallied.

The following weekend, liberals rallied again with international artists speaking out.

Law and Justice President Andrzej Duda has fallen 3 points to %52 in terms of trustworthiness since November. (CBOS poll) The party as a whole has fallen from %39.23 to %30. (According to the Christian Science Monitor) That's Law and Justice's figurehead Jarosław Kacziński's latest week-old trustworthiness. Law and Justice Prime Minister Beata Szydło sits at some %46 trustworthiness. The next highest trustworthy politician, also in the mid-40s, is ex-punk rocker Paweł Kukiz who stormed Poland in the Fall with %21 of the vote, controlling around %9 of 460 Congressmen. His main position is the end of political parties.

Last week, Fox News announced that the government would be taking some 9.8 Billion in unallocated EU funds before they run out. According to Bloomberg a levy on banks was softened, allowing institutional sovereign-bonds to forgo taxation.

A NATO summit is expected later on in 2016 in Warsaw, Poland.

January 1st, Russia declared NATO to pose a national threat.

December 31st saw the Ukraine officially default on loans from Russia.

The Russian Ruble is at an all time low at 73.59 to the Dollar as China joins the IMF's basket of reserve currencies of Dollar, Pound, Euro and Yen. (To have about 40, 8, 30, and 8 percent to 11 for the Renminbi)

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