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Mikhail Fradkov
Mikhail Fradkov
Mikhail Fradkov
Mikhail Yefimovich Fradkov, born September 1, 1950 and seen here with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, is a Russian politician and statesman who was the Prime Minister of Russia from March 2004 to September 2007. Fradkov has been the head of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service since 2007. | Photo: Archives | Mikhail Fradkov, Russia, Manmohan Singh, India, Shake Hands, Glasses,

Technically It Seems Possible

We're at the dawn of the genetic age, but to get there Europe has pawned Nuclear and Digital revolutions while trading the industrial revolution at hysterical speeds to turn a modest profit. In return, the oceans are set to rise and temperatures are set to climb some 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Speaking technically, the geographical end of Europe as we know it seems likely as news outlets are already posting disastrous and rather permanent coastal flooding pictures of cities like New York, Boston and London.

The European people, once a moderately respected if constantly assaulted race, are demographically collapsing as populations throughout Asia, Africa and South America continue to explode thanks to European advances in modern medicine and European discoveries of fossil fuels redrawing the world's industrial map, forcing bankrupt Europe to bow to mechanized invasion.

Last September, Russian English language news outlets were ridiculed for warning of the end of the European Union as a mass million man Arabian migration into Europe was encouraged by German chancellor Angela Merkel. Three and half months later, Austria is the latest country to close its borders after France and Sweden followed Slovakian and Balkan outcry over Arabian appeasement. Now Merkel threatens the European common currency, stating that it is morally wrong to share money if borders aren't automatically open to the masses.

Divisively Liberal Britain has suddenly instituted an indigenous language requirement for spouses with threats of deportation in another lame Socialist measure that cannot differentiate desperate Europeans from inter-continental dandies. France reportedly has declared its recent Socialist economic policies to be a failure while investing state-of-the-art equipment in the 5,000 person Arabian Calais encampment positioned to rush affable Britain. In general, decades of Western European imported population stuffing seems to be leading to back to Europe's Enlightenment fate of urban paranoia feeding monstrous international conventional wars.

Europe, lead by German Foreign Policy, has posited it can deport its way out of alienating occupation, cutting resettlement deals with neighboring Islamic powerhouse Turkey; however, rebuffs of deported individuals from Arabian overlord Pakistan is leaving European politicians no momentum in what is becoming an overt intercontinental racial confrontation. Arabs in Poland describe the current situation in World War Two terms, comparing German demands for Lebensraum to global needs for European multiculturalism. Two West African Terrorist hotel attacks in the last few months were racial. And recent suppressing fire from the emerging Arabic Caliphate divided Eastern from Western Europe along racial lines, shocking France to pinch Russian Airpower to intimidate and control.

Just yesterday American news agencies seemed to agree that Europe has 2 months to save itself. And although Europe is blessed with a well spoken courageous Council President in a Donald Tusk willingly to state that Christians deserve special protection on the Asian continent, nations are too suspicious of a rabid Western power-base that seems to only serve Washington's vision of a new home-steading act as far as Vladivostock.

Russian English language international news outlet Russia Today yesterday announced that new American efforts to discover Russian rigging of E.U. political parities would be a farse. The reality is much starker as Polish conservative leadership has chosen to defend Catholic values with American L.N.G. while inching closer to American Patriot Missiles amid a steady drumming of NATO permanent bases on Polish soil with calls to raise the standing army %50 to 150,000. America is getting it's Russian front from Odessa to Gdansk. Meanwhile, the Catholic church appeased Slavic concerns of State cults in the Balkans in what is starting to look like a Napoleonic column strategy against European orthodoxy from the West, grading Liberalism Eastwards to legitimate U.S.A. occupation of Europe as an unflinching ruler. Extending Congressional concerns over Russian influence in European political parties grants the U.S.A. Brownshirt power to segregate Europe from Eurasia and turn it into an African migrant paradise.

Fans of European history take the new fascination with Poland seriously as it's a major E.U. state that entirely disappears from the map in times of tumult. With a dramatic equity sell-off crossing %10, S&P just downgraded Polish credit to B+ while they still hold A- and A ratings at Moody's and Fitch. Since the new government, the currency has fallen around %5 against the Euro against 6 year averages while falling a third against the Dollar over the last year and half against 4 and half year averages. The E.U. is conducting a national loyalty test – leveled against Poland for altering its Tribunal Court. The country has drawn assurances that a veto is in order. (After all the Boston Globe did confirm that nothing terribly new is happening in Polish politics) Some $10 Billion in unallocated E.U. funds were just grabbed before evaporating at the end of 2015.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's recent call for a strengthening of Russo-European solidarity is getting bolstered by G7 head Japan's Shinzo Abe who just repeated the need for greater Russian integration in Europe, indicating at Russian integration into the next May G7 through the press. Abe's worry might directly be that the French are polling negatively against Russian bombing in Syria, believing the counter-intelligence that submission before a Muslim infidel cull is most wise. Simply for U.N. Security Council member Abe, a Europe without honor throws the world order into accelerated disrepair.

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