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Donald Trump Superfan
Donald Trump Superfan
Robin Roy is one very eager supporter of U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Wearing a t-shirt reading "Obama, Youre Fired. Vote Trump 2016", she had waited along the rope-line for a chance to meet Trump in person at a campaign rally in Massachusetts. - Brian Snyder | Photo: Brian Snyder | Donald Trump, Campaign, Brian Snyder, Fan, Crazy, Face,

B*tch-Slapping Perfected

Be heartened friends, I come not to bury Donald but to praise him. I praise him to the highest heavens and all over the landscape. Such greatness! As I write this The New Hampshire primary is going on. He has just called rival Ted Cruz a pussy and he has the outrageous audacity to defend such scurrilous and low brow comments. Oh heavens dear friends, will the republic survive!

I don't know what the future holds for Trump. From my view, it really doesn't matter. He has already castrated all of those self-righteous, juvenile, sanctimonious politically correct liberals and their braying lap dog media. God it's refreshing. Seeing him bitch slapping these lame brained liberals. What a guy!

Political correctness is this exceedingly sick notion that we should lie about the ubiquitous short-comings of people in order to keep them placated and to not hurt their feeling. You see this assures the liberal that he will then be doing "good" work and he will then be able to feel superior to all that rabble that prefers to actually speak the truth. This is the whole pull of these people. They don't really give a damn about any of their little pets that they try to shield from reality, they are in it simply for the personal feelings these supposed good acts engender. You see, they can then go around feeling righteous and good.

Then comes big Donald and he takes many of their silly notions and tosses them in the toilet where they belong. The libs and progs all scream their attack words but Donald is unfazed by these tired old tactics from these horrible racist haters. He simply laughs in their faces. I think the only group he hasn't offended so far is gays.

Donald has, as one of his staff just got through saying, personally brought back free speech to this gutless conformist nation. He has also bitch-slapped the liberally biased media as well. If Barack can win a Nobel for nothing, sort of like Seinfeld's show about nothing, then why can't Trump win one for actually doing something?

Whether he wins or not, it doesn't really matter. I have had fun seeing him frustrate and make fools of all of those progressives who after they've gone through their memorized slogans don't know what to say anymore. Taking them past their memorization, they run down like a robot running out of juice.

After Trump is gone from the scene, the cautious sheep will return with all of their nonsense, but it was nice for once to see someone destroy these free-speech hating goons. They are all right directly out of 1984, but as always seem to obtuse to realize even that. I raise me whisky glass and give him a toast for he has certainly, at least for a while, shamed and embarrassed these masters of trumped-up (no pun intended) shame and embarrassment. It has been a good show and a good ride. Keep it up Donald, don't let them talk you into becoming the big pussies they are.

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