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Sylvia Ganush
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Get right in their face

I’m going to start a movement. Seniors be warned. It’s time to stand up and demand justice. I’m calling on all senior citizens to object. Raise your voice and accuse. Make them pay for it.

Age discrimination is the only safe form of discrimination left.

I get called “old man” these days a lot by younger people who don’t like my political views. They don’t tell me why my political viewpoint is wrong, they don’t want to bother because they’re either lazy or stupid or both, they don’t want to counter my viewpoint with a reasoned, polite debate, but to dispute my viewpoint, denigrate me as “old man,” as an insult.

This happens so often I have decided to respond and cut their figurative balls off in this column.

“Old man.” “Old man.” What an insult?

This despite the fact that some day (sooner than they know) they (younger people) will be my age and won’t think of themselves as “old and worthless,” which is how they try to describe me. It’s then that I call them a name----hypocrite.

Like the Republican candidates for president, they’ve learned to mock but have never learned the responsibility of democracy, to be at least tolerant of the right of free speech as outlined in the Constitution. The stupidity of these people makes me doubt the continued survival of the country.

Ageism, or age discrimination, is the only safe form of discrimination left. That’s why the cowards that do it do it.

If you call me a “nig’er,” I can call you a “racist.” People don’t like to be called a “racist.” There’s a price tag. So most racists in the country don’t come right out and call someone a nig’er. If you called me a nig’er to my face, you might have to defend it with your fists. Even if you whip me, I’ll get my licks in and flatten your nose a little. It will hurt. There’s a price tag. You think twice about using the N word racist slur.

If you call me a “wetback” or a “spic,” or a “gook” or a “wop” or a “Jew-boy,” you’ll get called a racist, a nasty label you don’t want and try to avoid. If you do it to my face you might have to defend it with your fists. There’s a price tag to pay.

But not so “old man,” or “old lady,” those are safe. You can (up until now) get away with that kind of slur. Up until now senior citizens have tolerated this slur without complaint. That is going to change.

You’re an “ageist,” and it’s no different than a “racist,” or a “sexist.”

My age has nothing to do with the validity of my opinions. Granted, I’m older than a lot of people and you can see that with my grey hair, but I’m younger than a lot of people too. The young person who derides me because of my age, I could call them a “punk,” but I refuse to resort to name-calling.

Older people sometimes move slower physically and some forget things and have other physical challenges. But older people in general have learned life from living it and experiencing its ups and downs, and because of this have more depth, more restraint, more wisdom often enough, than young people.

Yes there are older people who are selfish and stupid and young people who are wise and courteous.

But hear this. This is a society that often enough feigns respect and admiration and appreciation for seniors, the people who have run this country and are now readying to hand over what they inherited to a younger generation----when in reality this is a country that in fact despises older Americans.

Enough is enough.
The next time a young punk (oops sorry) calls you “Old” for no reason other than you have an opinion they don’t like, you call them an age-hating “ageist,” then call them a “hypocrite,” and no, hypocrite is not name-calling like “mother-fuc’er” or “assho’e” because if you one day will be what you’re calling me, (older), you really are a “fuc’ing hypocrite” (leave out the F word).

Older Americans are in a way like military veterans. The country goes to great lengths to foist off the bull that we honor and respect veterans when in fact we consider them losers, that’s why none of the presidential candidates or their children or members of Congress of their children have served, and why veterans’ care and benefits have been so dismal.

We say we value senior citizens, but in reality this is a throw-away youth live-for-today society that despises age and its accumulated experience. We shunt seniors away in rest homes and dismiss them as weak and senile.

In fact along with children, seniors represent the very best among us.

You hear me you two-bit-wet-behind-the-ears-snot-nose-ageist punk?
Oops! Leave out the above except for “ageist.”

Listen seniors. When they call you “old” to dismiss your rights to be treated fairly, you get right in their face and make it ugly. Make them pay for it. Tell them what you think of them in an email.

I’m going to start a movement.

Seniors demand respect.

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