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Donald Trump
Donald Trump
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Trump Supporters are Often Under-Educated Young White Guys

One of my acquaintances was Dick Peabody, the six-foot-six actor who portrayed the character Little John on the 1960’s TV show Combat. Peabody was a liberal and he cracked me up when he once said that a conservative with a smug look had angered him to the point that he wanted to commit violence.

“He’s got the kind of face,” Peabody said, “that when you smash your fist into it, and it hits the ground, makes you want to go for a field goal.”

Peabody went on to say he realized that getting so angry at someone he wanted to inflict bodily harm on them was wrong and he needed to soul-search himself to remain above such petty revenge.

This applies to Donald Trump.

I’d like to smash his nose flat, land a haymaker on his jaw, throw a left hook that goes right through him and then knock him out with an uppercut.

This is wrong to want this.

In truth if Trump lay in a pool of blood at my feet I would feel bad because I am burdened with a conscience.

Trump, who apparently is not, has gotten me to sink to his level.

Everybody now knows, those who value the truth, that Trump encourages violence and then lies, describing it as patriotism, in a two-party system in which freedom to disagree is supposed to be respected. Everybody knows Trump agrees to pay legal fees for a man’s (supporter’s) act of assault, so that he faces no legal penalty repercussions and learns no lesson about the cost of violence. Particularly in a political setting where people are supposed to act civilized (it wasn’t a crime of passion he didn’t find his wife in bed with someone).

Everybody knows Trump has threatened in tweets physical attacks on the supporters of other candidates in the best tradition of gangster Al Capone (you need to pay protection money for protection….from me).

This is the man who said he would be a “Uniter” of the country and Trump said it with a straight face. Does he actually believe this?

Trump dismissively explains away acts of violence with the turgid shit-stink retort, “He just got carried away.”

Violence can be great unless you’re the one on the floor taking the beating.

Watching the audience behind Trump at a rally reminded me of the late Wally George. For those of you not old enough to know, Wally George was a Los Angeles-based Rush Limbaugh-type television host who would invite liberals on the show called “Hot Seat.” His audience of hecklers would then taunt the guest throughout the interview in which George would point his finger and yell insults, epithets (for you Trump supporters “epithets” means “bad things”), innuendo (that’s bad too) and shouted accusations of disloyalty and/or perversion.

The audience, mostly white men in their 20’s, would howl and laugh and taunt and ridicule like a lynch mob. “Sick, sick sick,” they would yell in unison as the hapless guest (victim) would attempt to explain his side of a debate. The audience looked like a collection of auto parts store clerks (tee shirts and baseball caps).

This show was 30 years ago, but perhaps signified that Trump was an idea whose time would eventually come.

One other thing.

Immediately behind George posted on the wall was a photo of John Wayne, the super patriot arch conservative who once said, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

The show was successful though Johnny Carson made fun of it on late night TV and critics panned it as an example of vigilantism.

Now we have the modern rich man’s Wally George (Trump) on his way to the White House.

But who is Trump’s core constituency? According to polls mostly under-educated whites, high school or less, 71 percent are Republicans below college level. This could in fact be a hindrance in that high school grads are less likely to vote than college graduates.

Trump also has most support from men, as a lower percentage of women seem to be impressed by macho phony heroics.

Another common thread is anti-immigration. Trump supporters dislike immigrants especially Latino immigrants by a wide margin over other groups and claim immigration has weakened America. Trump’s motto is “Make America Great.”

Based on the stats it would seem to be instead, “Make America White----Again---And Male---Again.”

Two of the most common defenses of Trump from supporters is that he is not beholden (financially) to any group and he’s a self-made man (he inherited a pile of money from his father while avoiding military service), and that he, “Tells it like it is.”

Trump said immigrants from Mexico might include some good people from among all the rapists.

I determined not to engage in name-calling, but according to the Free Dictionary definition, a “Punk” is an “Often aggressive, violent, inexperienced young person.” Some of you may have seen that young guy at the Trump rally who was screaming at the black girl protester. He was in a U.S. Marine entry training program and when the Marines saw him in the film at the rally heckling the black girl he was thrown out of the Marines.

“We have no use for racists,” a U.S. Marine spokesman indicated.

So I’ll use the word “Punk.”

The punk is angry with a government he isn’t intelligent enough to understand that he himself elected, either by not voting, or picking a candidate from a party which makes up about half of Congress. You can’t sit back and avoid responsibility and say “It’s all their fault,” or “The people I voted for don’t get elected.”

Whatever the failings of our present government and there are many, if we don’t like our government we’re still responsible for it because we are the creators of it, all of us, you and me.

But the punk wants to blame others.

The punk seeks scapegoats. Immigrants and people of color are convenient targets and always have been. The punk works for minimum wage at an auto parts store and harbors deep fears and resentments. It used to be his world he thinks. Now it no longer is.

He needs to get revenge, on nig’ers, women, wetbacks, Hajis (Arabs), and a host of others different than the punk.

He goes home and drinks seven beers and watches TV football and screams at the screen rooting for his team even though he considers the big steroid fed black men chasing the ball to be the (N word).

He wants to kick somebody’s ass.

Then along comes Trump promising greatness and making ridicule and threats and vowing to get even.

It strikes a chord with the punk.

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