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John Kerry
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Bombing Alone Won't Do It.

American is a country that doesn’t learn or want to learn.

We didn’t learn anything from Vietnam, Watergate, Iran Contra, Iraq, the list is endless. The U.S. can’t learn because the U.S. is always right no matter what.

The truth is whatever some of us want to say it is.

We created ISIS from our own stupidity in the Middle East, an area we’ve never fully understood and in which well-meaning intelligence officers who served in the Middle East thought they understood but given their track record of failure clearly did not.

I laud them for trying however.

We took out Saddam Hussein over false weapons of mass destruction although that was just a scam by the Bush Administration to justify the invasion and ironically the only current presidential candidate who has correctly recounted this has been Donald Trump, a man who usually lies with impunity.

The damage is done, it’s water over the bridge or spilt milk as they say.

Past history.

We won’t learn from it, but how do we fix it?

Secretary of State John Kerry said ISIS is committing genocide on Christians and other groups in the Middle East and we need to establish if this is in fact the case, and if it is and I have no doubt that it is, it needs to be formally recognized as such in the United Nations.

The UN is where this should be brought because this is the kind of situation the UN should address and where it currently is not being addressed.

Bombing alone won’t do it.

Neither will an invasion by U.S. ground forces alone do it.

It must be a truly global effort through the UN with shared costs and responsibilities.

All you who want to brand the UN a foreign conspiracy to take over America, remember the UN was a mostly American invention. The UN in the past has had its failures, but also successes.

For years now I have identified how the Star Trek TV show of the 1960's achieved a brilliant possible solution to the modern way of conducting war, always with nobody listening, a federation like the Star Fleet that would be an upgrade on the original UN concept.

To defeat ISIS we have to go in. There’s no way around it. But it won’t succeed as an American-only operation in that primarily Christian American troops occupying Syria will provoke the kind of unrest and endless guerrilla-type violence we saw in Iraq after the U.S. occupied that country.

Setting up a corrupt drug-dealing puppet regime in the area won’t work either and remember, we never learn from past mistakes because as the reigning superpower, we can’t admit a mistake that cost hundreds of Americans their lives was a mistake. George Bush, a war criminal, is walking around un-investigated and unpunished.

We need to create through the UN a 52-nation consortium to contribute troops and money in a truly “Allied” force similar to the free nations of World War II and similar to the concept of Star Fleet in the Star Trek show. Nations would share the costs based on their GNP (size and wealth). This force would defeat ISIS and occupy Syria, but occupation duties would be primarily carried out by Arab (Muslim) troops from Saudi Arabia and other nations and for which they would be compensated (money).

The old concept of America doing it all paying it all and bleeding it all because America is the world’s policeman, while other countries pursue their profitable peaceful pursuits taking away American jobs, letting the U.S. shoulder the burden, is an idea no longer acceptable.

This includes how to deal with North Korea and Iran.

First, vote in the UN to officially declare them to be either “Aggressor Nations” or “Outlaw,” and after that, begin with economic sanctions and then (for non-compliance) work our way up to shared military operations.

If the nations of the world who are present members of the UN are unwilling to agree to contribute to staff a mobile-type force (Star Fleet) capable of responding quickly to these types of brush fire insurgencies, by a majority vote, then they need to be labeled and officially designated by vote as “Recalcitrant” or “Irresponsible” through the UN.

I am fully aware achieving unanimity of purpose in the UN is a long-shot and there is a good chance it won’t work, but presently I don’t see any attempt to do so or even to develop a consensus though the UN body----in other words just another day as usual apathy.

Here’s where the President and his Secretary of State can show some leadership if they have the nerve.

Bombing alone will not do the job.

Clearly, the UN must re-invent itself as an organization with mobile military striking power with the majority backing of most of the countries claiming to be civilized of the civilized world. This includes China.

This will upgrade what the UN has perhaps become, a political-economic gamesmanship debating society akin to a slumbering afternoon meeting of a bunch of pot-bellied, gas-filled, dues-paying nonentities at a Rotary Club.

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