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Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Barack Obama
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A President that will not utter the words Islamic Extremism

As the fog of war rolled across Europe this past Easter with another mass murder by another another Islamic Extremist, the American press continued with their vollies of stymieing and divisive anti-Russian propaganda in concert with a solipsistic White House McCarthyite war machine.

A President that will not utter the words Islamic Extremism or Islamic Terrorism once again eschewed the term to censor the French executive only to continue to harp delusion-ally on Russian Aggression.

T.V. analysts tend to take Barack Obama's closet Muslim affiliation as the reason for his inability to take on Global Islamic Terror to task; however, by seeming weak on aggression and breaking the civilized world's 9/11-inspired unity on the issue, the American President mobilizes a devastating fog of war that emboldens other nations to tip-toe into the Super Power role of leader and so allow the U.S.A. another international incident to police. (As in the case of China calling for an end to the Oil price war between U.S.A. Shale and OPEC)

It has literally taken a redesign of the ubiquitous site Yahoo to further the White House's propaganda against invented Russian aggression as Russians bravely fight and die defending the premise of a war on Terror in Syria to prevent Russia from finally consolidating a sympathy vote domestically and denuding the Democratic Party in a voting year to be little else than America's imperialist party.

Trillions stand to be gained from fitting into a military update that Russian annexed Crimea. Something that never happened according to the BBC or, if it did, it happened in accordance with Russian – Ukrainian compacts over the Republic of Crimea.

And so 2 years removed from Russian overtures to fix Ukraine's crumbling budget with some 17 Billion in loans and Oil rebates, America continues to threaten to make Ukrainian's problem disappear by affirming it's own ability to pour endless sums of money into an anti-Russian agenda.

So today, Yahoo sells a book on the surreal from, "Wartime," Kyiv as the site also sells American exceptionalism in the form of war-ships as the new Drone Digital Trend to celebrate the White House's first hard-fought proofs of international aggression in the world. The Vietnamese captured 100,00 Liters of Chinese Diesel wandering illegally at sea as the Japanese legally dock in the Philippines to right the wrongs of a resurgent China at sea.

Fox News adds to the mix that a week ago, Americans for the third time stopped Iranian arms dealing in the Arabian Sea bound for war-torn Yemen – where the Saudi's with American backing reign supreme.

Is the international news barrage just to obfuscate the fact that journalists are crying foul as the White House looks to quadruple the amount of military spending in Europe to provide a third brigade on an exclusive anti-Russian trip? (To 3.4 Billion)

One would think that after years of vile McCarthy-ite press against Russia, Mashable and The Fiscal Times would attract a bit of attention suggesting that the White House was escalating to war by breaking 1997 compacts to keep the U.S. out of Eastern Europe on a permanent basis.

All it took was one Bloomberg international reporter to assure the public that the new anti-Russian brigade would be stationed out of Western Europe and that, that is hardly enough to assuage even the Poles who are now insisting on permanent NATO bases.

NATO's wish to add another 40k troops to the mix was lazily glazed over. As was the fact that Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz is peddling a 1/3 more muster in Poland to 150k.

The idea the English-speaking world trusts an Administration simply because it seems to be avoiding putting it's own people at risk as much as others' is pathetic. America is waging a war much as it did with the Arab Spring, loading the dice to force an acceptable narrative for a policed war.

So as some 17 Million Dutch go to the polls to decide whether they will be the first to break the Germanic bloc's distaste for another failed State in the European Union, they have to read about Poland's gallant defense of the West in 1920 without any ubiquitous English-language rebuttal to years of rhetoric of Russian Aggression to get the liberal populace to extend the promises of Dutch East India/ I.M.F/ E.U. company to rotating NATO Security Council Member Ukraine.

Defense analysts are fearful, believing, "Obama is playing a balancing game across the Mid-east/ Ukraine... Everything is on the table especially with a weak Europe."

Perhaps that's why Russian time-tables for their next-generation tank are being published Online as a near-future reality of 2020 or sooner.

U.S. President 44's penchant for leading from behind could not be coming at a worse time on the world's stage with a rising China. Losing the peace could mean much more than another opportunity to flex international muscle, it could mean losing international respect and the almighty Dollar.

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