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Lara Stone
Lara Stone
Lara Catherina Stone (born 20 December 1983) is a Dutch model. On 19 February 2010, she was ranked as the world's number-one fashion model on the international modelling site's Top 50 Models Women ranking, a position she maintains as of June 2012. She also ranks 10th on the site's "sexiest models" list. | Photo: Aaron Stipkovich | Lara Stone, Model, Sexy, Netherlands, Dutch, Breasts,

Ostentatious palaces built over sewers

And what's not to love?

As I remember the story at one time there were no girls, but Adam sad, weepy, wimp-boy Adam got to crying he was lonely and then god came back and after 7 days of really hard-core creatin' tried creating the dames when he was tired, just all tuckered out. Well, we see what happened.

Jump forward to the swinging medallion 60's. Well the girls looked around and saw that achievement wise, they didn't measure up to all those evil, horrid white men. The fact that men had created everything in the history of the world, and the women would, if left up to them, still be living in mud huts throwing spears didn't cut any ice with the girls. Those evil, evil white men were somehow at the bottom of all their misery. (That's the current cultist cry, that and how corporations have ruined the world. Remember how the crazies used to cry and protest over nuclear power, but as that was proven asinine, they switched over to their current asinine boogie man, the evil, white man corporations.)

But how could women square this disparity? Hmm? This was a tough one. The usual lies didn't work, so they needed a really elephantine prevarication this time. Somebody finally thought it up. Like all other people that just couldn't face the reality of their own shortcomings they decided to start living in the wishful thinking world of fantasy. Not all women of course, but many. They constructed their fantasy land like so: All the women were brilliant, creative, geniuses, mature etc., but those now demonized white men who were keeping everybody down, were also keeping the girls down too. All the evil whiteness and maleness, gosh it just makes one shudder!

So at this point they had created a working narrative that could explain away all of their innate failures and this specious narrative, became forever a part of their thinking (such as it was). Here discrimination-there discrimination, well you get it. The ultimate scapegoat creation, the excuse, the alibi, a secular religion that could mollify their feelings of inferiority.

Well, all of this nonsense continues on for decades. It picks up steam because many men came clamoring to their side. Now did they do that because they actually believed it? Of course not. They only did it because they liked pussy. So, easier to just go along and say yes sweetie, no sweetie, knowing full well they were just playing yet another game. But something actually did rub off on the men that went down this road. They started, as evidenced in America today, becoming, weak, wimpy, sissified, gutless, sort of women-lite. Men in some areas are fairly smart but in general they are just like women, sheep-like, herd-followers.

I mean let's be honest, hmm? Do the boys really like women? Of course not. Watch any of them, as soon as they can, if their woman will let them, he's off with the boys, bars, football, whatever. Actually many women can't stand women either, I mean who needs all the scolding, whining nonsense. Women are too much...because they are too little.

I leave you with 3 quotes:

1. Women: Ostentatious palaces built over sewers

2. From Jules Feiffer: "Remember when you were a kid and the boys didn't like the girls? Only sissies liked girls. What I'm telling you is that nothing's changed. You think boys grow out of not liking girls, but we don't grow out of it. We just grow horny. That's the problem. We mix up liking pussy for liking girls. Believe me, one couldn't have less to do with the other.

3. And finally from those world renowned philosophers, Calvin and Hobbes: I imagine bugs and girls have a dim perception that nature played a cruel trick on them, but they lack the intelligence to fully comprehend the magnitude of it.

And by the way, as this is, by many of the true believers out there, considered a hate-crime (any speech they don't agree with) I, Feiffer and my little bros Cal and Hobbsy baby all may be facing lengthy prison terms. I don't know about them but for me bring me a cake, with little sprinkles on it. Not with a saw in it, I just like cake.

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