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Donald Trump Superfan
Donald Trump Superfan
Donald Trump Superfan
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How to defeat the name-calling left

(In light of my recent Girls! Girls Girls! I thought I'd like to add this to the mix)

This is a little tome on how to handle the liberal/progressive's most powerful weapon, name calling. Whenever they are being defeated in a debate or conversation, (which is perpetual) they will fall back on the cries of “That’s Racist.” I’m using racism here but I could just as easily include any of their other charges. “That’s racist, that’s sexist, that’s homophobic, that’s anti-midget,” whatever happens to be their current manic obsession. And I’m not talking about real harm here as in real harm, just the usual nutty attacks by the narcissistic, politically-correct scolds who would truncate our freedom of speech simply because they don't agree with it. (For anybody that actually cares about this stuff, see John Stuart Mills' "On Liberty" where the great and brilliant man lays it all out, fervently defending the notion of the Freedom of Speech. See, I told you he was smart.)

I believe this is a very important issue. I know there are millions, tens of millions of people in this country that are effectively silenced, because they are afraid or don’t know how to handle these bogus labeling jobs of the left. Lurking behind many conversations with these precious little snowflakes, there is always the unspoken threat of “BRINGING OUT THE “R” WORD,” or the "S" or the "H" word. We know liberal's politically correct goon-squads are waiting in the wings to summon their squadron of flying monkeys down on any offending party.” These self-righteous, self-deluded P.C. brats will launch their attack dogs at you. My response: Screw them.

Good and friendly friends, this old leftist, Alinskyesque-playbook tactic of not answering the argument, as they can't, but attacking the person is easily discredited and defeated. Easily. The things you need to remember are these. They are attacking you, you must attack back. As we’ve unfortunately seen before, never try to answer their specious claims. Never get on your knees begging for mercy. Never say, I have black friends, or gay friends. You’re simply acting like a clown who has fallen into their tactical trap and now they will turn you to mincemeat. You simply and easily dismiss their attacks with the back of your hand.

What to do? I’ll give you a simple example. Me “I’m against affirmative action or I'm against immigration.” Them “You’re a Racist, that's a Hate Crime!” Now what will I do? Fall down? Act shocked? Have my jaw hit my chest? Beg for forgiveness? Well not exactly. The response is just a few sentences that you will pound on.

The Response: “Well, there you go again with your liberal propaganda nonsense. The same old liberal tactic that you always use.”

That’s about it. Simple. You have said their charges are propaganda and tactics. Which they are. Right out of the old play book. You have reduced their charges to empty ploys, mere tactics. You haven’t blinked, you have just nonchalantly given their “charges” the back of your hand. I personally would give it the attitude in a manner you would use when saying please remove this smelly trash from the house. I’m not rattled, I expect their tried and oh so tired tactics. This is what they do. If they keep harping on Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, cruel Anti-Midgetness, you just coolly respond “Propaganda, Tactics, Nonsense, ” as in, we’re tired of your tactics and personal attacks, can we get back to the facts now? Always dismissive. When they label you, you label them right back which has the effect of nullifying them.

Never follow them down their rabbit holes of lies, simply rebuff them and if you have to continue rebuffing them, just keep using the same words. Don’t let them out shout you or shut you off. If they shout you shout over them. This is all they understand. They cannot be reasoned with, they are Eric Hoffer's true believing cultists and you must treat them as such. And you know what, people are catching on.

BTW, just recently The Smashing Pumpkin's (fairly popular rock-band) front man Billy Corgan referred to these silly narcissists known as "Social Justice Warriors," as Maoists and cultists. He also said there is no reaching them, they're gone. He's right on all counts.

Anyway, always remember, why do you think it’s always liberals who are the shrillest and the loudest when they are screaming their “truths?” Let me suggest this. When you drive upon a car accident in the middle of the street and one party is shouting and screaming louder than the other person, you know which one’s likely to be in the wrong, now don’t you? That’s right, the one screaming and yelling the loudest. I don’t need to scream and shout that 2+2=4, do I? But I really need to yell and scream if I’m trying to convince you that 2+2=5. Bottom line: don't give the self-righteous scolds one iota of respect, they don't deserve any.

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