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Donald Trump
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Towards A Trump Hello

A Lame Duck President 44 Barack Obama nears his last half-year and continues to dither rhetorically over things that don't matter while letting the fate of the world slip through his fingers, blaming oil prices and a bickering media and in fact stating that with oil prices a problem now is not the time for bickering.

Presidential front-runner Donald J. Trump might beg to differ. With oil making parts of Eurasia more dangerous and destabilizing Saudi Iranian relations to say nothing of reaffirming an the-all powerful Saudi hegemony, now is the perfect time to negotiate as there is a problem getting worse and not better with the image of busy roguish President penning and phoning like no-one else can, because he's more in touch with his Arab side.

You know Trump. The man misquoted by the main stream media as saying disparaging things about Hispanics as he cited the need for a Southern Border wall due to criminal Mexican seepage. The man who in response to a deeply per-meditated and seriously criminal mass-murder at San Bernardino, skipped the fight with a completely wrong and grossly over-represented Left-wing media and stated that perhaps it was time to start barring Muslims from the country.

For the first time, Muslim celebrities were forced to put their international passports on the line and state that international Terrorism was not cool. Sadly, this was a major step forward for an American culture so bankrupt it's prepared to go to Nuclear War over Same-sex marriage and Civil War over something called a Trans-gender identity.

Trump was so disgusted by the Left-wing media that it seems he went out of his way to pick a fight with MSNBC by suggesting he would physically I.D. Muslims in America if he had to.

So you hate him and compare him to Hitler because Trump is trying to punish a complacent, rich and exploding population that is storming Europe with European science out of a desert and needs to be taught respect? So he's Hitler or Churchill? Hitler you say, because Europe has nothing to do with America.

Trump of course is demonizing no-one and is using the old disciplinarian's trick of punishing the group for the clown to promote a social order. Trump of course, unlike the Democrat machine, is not for using domestic strife to promote international conquest. He seems more of a Fascist than a Communist, picking up on trends murdering Western civilization like Islamic Terrorism.

So not Hitler.

I get it. You're worldly, watch CNN on occasion, and find Trump's speech on Foreign Policy to be completely incoherent just like despicable Fareed Zakaria said. Well first of all, that's the problem. It had 5 points and was backed up by people who think our Foreign Policy to be hugely arrogant at present and pleading for the unpredictable. The problem is you heard Trump believes in increasing Nuclear Proliferation.

Honestly I think balancing the Sino-Japanese relationship with high-level talks is much more intelligent than stimulating India's industry while taxing a few Northern nations who actually need fuel to combat Global Warming, but I'm not a scientist who's getting paid to point-shave science that must overcome spectacularly instead of just kinda sorta.

And I'm certainly not a President who doesn't think he doesn't have to deal with Fukushima as Foreign Policy.

Am I a President who thinks he can use Russia as a never-ending pawn to stay popular?

No. I'm not a lawyer who uses American Imperialism as legalistic genocide. I don't homestead with global anarchy in a fit of spiritual rage.

But yeah, Trump is lined up with the 60% of Republicans that don't believe in Global Warming it seems. Maybe he's just playing to his base of people who are so skeptical of Global Warming that they subscribe to the book of Noah and cite stats you've never heard of. Maybe it's just his way of saying hello to Communism. Something Fascist.

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