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Bernie Sanders
Bernard "Bernie" Sanders, born September 8, 1941, is an American politician and the junior United States Senator from Vermont. A Democrat as of 2015, he had been the longest-serving independent in U.S. Congressional history. | Bernie Sanders, Politician, Senator, Democrat, Glasses, Smile, Thumbs,

How Bernie Sanders has morphed into a dick.

I used to really like Bernie Sanders. Early on in the campaign, I supported him.

All that has changed. Bernie’s become a dick.

It's been a slow metamorphosis. I cheered at the first debate when he dismissed the press's obsession with Hillary Clinton's email troubles, rightly saying, “the American people are sick and tired about hearing about your damn emails!”

Was that about a thousand years ago?

Last week’s dust-up in Nevada wasn’t much different than a Trump rally. All that was needed was a neo-Nazi or two. Lots of angry white people shouting at Clinton supporters because they were following the rules. No punches were thrown, but hateful tweets and death threats made up the difference.

Sanders supporters would like to make up their own rules and game the system to their liking, but they’re losing big in both pledged and super delegates. Bernie knew the rules when he started his insurgent campaign. So what’s changed?


The anger in his voice tells the story. His vitriol is now aimed at the Democratic Party. He talks of taking his revolution to the convention, but really… what revolution?

Disgruntled (and even some gruntled) Sanders supporters are threatening to VOTE FOR TRUMP once Bernie loses the nomination. Nice. There is no revolution. This has been a cult of personality. Once Sanders leaves the scene, the revolution goes with him. Does anybody really believe this “movement” is going to live on past November? The revolution that never was will fade from memory quicker than you can say ‘Occupy Wall Street.’ His throngs of starry-eyed Millennials will do what they almost always to in November -- they’ll just stay home and not vote.

Bernie could make a difference and make Hillary’s path to the White House an easier road for her. He could do what she did when she lost to Obama, and bow out with dignity and grace. He could actively campaign for her and heal the rift that seems bigger now than Trump’s ego. But the chances of him doing those things are slim. Why?

Because he’s become a dick.

Maybe his wife and campaign curmudgeon Jeff Weaver are egging him on, themselves unable to admit defeat. But defeat is a certainty.

I do hope Bernie’s dickishness will fade after the convention. It doesn’t suit him well.

And sadly, it just may play right into the small hands of the King of Dicks: Donald Trump.

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