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Donald Trump Superfan
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Boycotting Leftism

The New York "Slimes" recently ran a smear hit-piece on Trump regarding women. An obvious cheap smear attempt. The New York "Slimes" in the sewer again. You can hardly notice them in there anymore, they just blend in so nicely.

A while back they would have tried to nail him with some kind of nanny-gate, but now they just go back to the tried and true sexual angle. What these denizens of the deep don't seem to realize is that the tide is beginning to slowly turn. The good folk, dumb as they are, are beginning to catch on to the outright and blatant liberal bias and ideology preached in the various media outlets. It's exactly the same for the Wapo, the L.A. Times, Time magazine etc. These publications haven't reported the news in decades. All they "report" is the leftist dogma spin they put on it. The more these propagandizing papers preach the more people begin to catch on. And it only helps Trump. He makes more political capital out of these attacks than anybody in history. But I guess, alas, places like the N.Y. "Slimes" are so indoctrinated with their true believers religion of liberalism that they can't even see it in front of their Pinocchio-like noses. They really are pathetic.

On a similar note, I just read that "liberal activists" (I can just imagine) say this summer and fall are going to be full of protests. The largest in American history. (I should note, to all you panty-bunched lefties that I adamantly support free speech and expression. In fact, that is one of my main targets.)

But when they exercise this free speech & expression don't they realize they play right into the election of Trump. Do they honestly think that a parade of these mostly young, snotty, sour-faced scolds is going to help their cause? Trump may win by the largest majority ever. But feel free to march, you have my permission. Don't forget to take tennis shoes.

Back to the N.Y "Slimes." Women are now coming forward debunking the "Slimes" bunk and now Trump is considering suing. He may be suing the sewer people.

So what's a body to do? Hmm? Exercising my rights for free speech and expression (I think they are still marginally legal in this P.C. whipped country), I would urge all you handsome and charming intellectuals out there, to boycott the long litany of liberal scolds. To whom do I refer? Well, the N.Y. Slimes, Wapo, the horribly biased Los Angeles Times, Time magazine, the Huffing and Puffing Post and all of these nauseatingly dumb Hollywood liberals. George Looney, Barbra Strident, Rob "Baloneyhead" Reiner, Lena Dumbhead and all the rest of that. Don't buy their songs, don't see their movies, send letters to their sponsors and advertisers. Boycott Hollywood movies, jesus, they stink anyway, what's the difference? They have the absolute right to speak their "minds" but so do you and I. Make them pay a price. In fact, the left has been doing this for years, just learn your tactics from them.

Back to the print publications now. Look through them. When you see headlines like "Inappropriate Behavior" or their favorite, "Sparks Outrage," what do you think you'll be getting? Just another lameo hit-piece. Get this: I just read that enrollment at the University of Missouri is down some 20 to 25 %. There are two or three frat houses that will be closing. Many millions of dollars will be lost by the university. This is great. It's known as blowback. The surrounding community, seeing the university grovel and then having it's silly liberal president resign, has clearly expressed its opinion. If you can't make your voice heard, at least make your dollars felt.

For clarity, in Ferguson Missouri, Michael Brown, after committing a number of crimes advanced on a police officer who most justifiably shot him dead. Don't believe me? Then ask the jury who acquitted the officer. This is where the so-called Black Lives Matter movement began. It's interesting because even that bastion of liberalism himself, the right honorable William Jefferson "crooked weenie" Clinton blasted the BLM, and rightfully so.

In conclusion I would simply urge you to punish anybody of the liberal religion that you don't agree with. They can do what they want, most certainly, but so can you. Let the words "blowback," 'boycott," and "letter writing campaign" become part of your everyday vocabulary. Starve 'em.

Finally, when you're doing your taxes remember there are many avenues open for people to save money. I can't go into all of it, but deductions, write-offs, owning your own business, you have tremendous opportunity for legally starving the government. Take advantage of it. I personally would never encourage you to do anything that isn't legal. What kind of person do you think I am? Remember, the less money the government has the less they have to throw away on their various social engineering and social schemes that always end up producing the exact some result. Abject failure.

A caveat-Had to add another one I just read 5 minutes ago. Megyn Kelly had dismal ratings on her recent special with Trump (4.7 million). Trump supporters are sending her and Fox news a message that they don't like her attack of Trump. I say bravo. This is the kind of blowback I'd love to see more of. Once again, Megyn is free to do whatever she wants, but if you don't like what she does, then make her pay with lousy ratings. Turnabout is fair play, and this is exactly what I'm talking about. Starve 'em & screw 'em.

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