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Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps
Michael Fred Phelps II, born June 30, 1985, is an American competitive swimmer and the most decorated Olympian of all time, with a total of 28 medals. | Michael Phelps, Olympics, Gold Medal, Decorated, Swim, Athlete, Winning,

The Good, Bad, Uglier It Can Get

The Breaking News really is that a Canadian announcer fouled up Michael Phelps' name to his audience even though it happened yesterday. Phelps broke the all-time records for medals set around a 100 years ago when Shield Carrying was a sport, and, uhm, this announcer not only didn't know that. It's true.

Oh a little over a third of country would tell you - duh - Obama's the worst President ever - no duh. Can't help there.

Economist Paul Krugman and short-story writer for the New York Times reminds the literati that - no - Republicans are A. Bipolar now without a part and B. Schizophrenic hallucinating the disjointed speech of their candidate to be reality. (Misquoted though he is) Paranoia, writes Krugman, is a problem ridiculing doom and gloom as being just that.

Well, with a new President getting branded a Cop Killer on America's most popular news outlet and her insisting that she'll be destroying forever the notion of illegal immigrant as sure as she looks drunk, Krugman probably has a point. Economic bedrock suggesting a crash is at hand with negative bond yields, negative interest rates, a stagnating global recession and a depressed youth movement in reserve currency center could probably be finagled with rapid Communism. America's the world's reserve currency and urbane society is urban. (Wink wink - hold the nudge) America power is super and, well, most Americans suspect anarchy to be coming down the pike anyway, and there is Democrat science to handle that.

What's more Obama's hopeful Foreign Policy that other countries will rapidly start fighting our wars for themselves is bearing fruit as ISIL is wilting under alienated Russian obstinacy and some forgivable fashioned wrong-headedness from the Turks who are mending Asia and sure to inaugurate a powerful new brand of secular Islam. Even the Ukraine looks like it's calling Putin's bluff that Crimea is Russian. The Olympics are going great and Zika will sure be a genetic popper. (What used to be known as a pill and a dose before we all got loose with the Clinton's science)

It's not there is a Cold War going gone. It's that the wall is fire. Domestic problems are frustrating a President that can really talk unlike the last guy that was hailed as the orator in the comparison by a Democrat White House Reporter years ago. Obviously that was before Michelle touched our souls at the D.N.C. and big O knocked it out of the park, proving, hint hint, that the future First Gentleman is the amateur in the equation. Trump has to be stopped from speaking and his followers must be attacked until they learn how Commuter Science like the ruling class of Eurasian Liberals currently almost done abolishing ideas to save the world with real things.

Well that might all prove true with Democrat and elitist backing of the Clinton slave initiative to use foreigners to do things that our economy used to. But there is a real problem when a nuclear power is stating through its President to be having no access to the press among the press. McCarthyism is getting used by the Russian News that is the only outlet of record on Crimea.

The idea that Americans think there is no deep cultural problem because Putin is a thug, and Russia annexed something, which sounds technical, is as laughable as thinking that Japan's attack was unprovoked because we didn't attack first or that the Titanic was more science than heavy water. It's not funny. Innocent people died. And they died because of arrogant leadership that doesn't want to confront ugly truths.

When the press suggests the male Ukrainian Olympic team stood down because they were trying to improve their individual draw even after reported by the Russian News that Ukrainian athletes stated that the Russian doping scandal is nothing but politics. America has to understand that choosing to call Ukrainian Freedom Fighter not rebels, because that's Confederate, but Russian-backed-separatists was a declaration of war and not the New York Times being candid. Star Wars came during this time and America thinks it doesn't have an image problem when the President of the United States is backing a country that bombs and starves its own because that's the way to deal with a problem, giving it more problem?

He's not wrong except that most of the world is at war.

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