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Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Barack Hussein Obama II, born August 4, 1961, is an American politician, the 44th President of the United States, and the first African American to hold the office. | Barack Obama, President, Face, Tie, Pin,

Foreign Policy Comes Home

American President Barack Obama gave his last United Nations General Assembly speech September 20th, trampling on racial and cultural diversity to champion liberal politics and warn Eastern European nations and China that, “A nation ringed with walls would only imprison itself.”

This time, Obama’s familiar boring Anarchist address to the U.N. was rung in days before with a vast and coordinated warning to the mouth-piece of American power: New York city. A bomb detonated at 5k Marines’ 5k run for charity in the New Jersey morning before another one injured 29 in Chelsea, New York, New York. Later, yet another bomb was found in a New Jersey subway.

For Obama’s address, another bomb scare materialized in Los Angeles. Only days before, a Los Angeles gang name served as cover to shoot into a crowd in East Hollywood and kill 2 and wound 2.

Riots grip Oklahoma and Charlotte, North Carolina as cities demand Anarchy under the watchful eye of a hated President and deceitful international news corps. In Texas, a Dallas Sergeant has leveled a Federal lawsuit against President Obama, George Soros and others for seeking to create a race war to take away civil rights afforded by the Founding Fathers of the American Revolution. (Per his statement)

America marred its radioscopic Stealth-infused perfection to couple the terrestrial domestic Terrorism with the repercussions of its bigoted racism against Russia on Syria, killing some 60 Syrian Army in an action that failed diplomacy in its predictability, overt failure and fail-safes by reportedly forcing a Russian to call multiple times to cease the error in combat as Syria is an ally in the War on Terror.

Western Press is accusing Russia of blowing a U.N. convoy knowing full well no one will care or believe anything America says about Russia for sometime. (The White House repeated the statement)

Scandanavian powers sink lower under the weight of Socialism to buy Stealth fighter jets to retake supremacy of the Baltic. Finnish authorities confiscate a Russian woman’s Russian children over parenting. It’s safe to say a handful of Western Communists have wrecked all hopes for peace in Europe, encroaching upon Russian culture and civilization. The ensuing anger of being made to slave in debt under Arabian occupation will be policed in total Internet.

This patch of pre-meditated American Anarchy came around a week removed from Barack Obama’s utter rebuke at the Chinese G20. The most powerful man on the planet was dressed down by China and decried by stalwart Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as a political son-of-a-bitch who couldn’t even reform the African American community as the first black American President.

While urban Caucasian America sits on its fingers with regards to Obama’s performance in office, outsiders who know of America’s Civil War, who sit in disbelief hearing that President Woodrow Wilson wouldn’t put Africans to World War One probably do not share white urban America’s happy naive ignorance with the depth and breadth of Obama’s failure as a statesman in charge of the Western Empire and vanguard of science itself.

As the planet braces for rising oceans in a Nuclear age, America would be wise to seriously discuss the nature of its culture and civilization, and give up fame. Billions have watched Television take out the most powerful nation. The rest of the planet does not have to wait for the States to stop spreading Anarchy.

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