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Jill Stein
Jill Stein
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Don't be an idiot

Our household often votes third party, more so than for any establishment party candidates, at all levels (federal, state, and local). It’s been this way for many years, two decades to be precise. When Senator Sanders entered the Presidential race as a Democrat, both my partner and I, switched our party affiliation to appease the nonsensical primary voting laws, in order to place a vote for Sanders, who champions many of our core interests.

Once those primaries were over, we switched back to our normal affiliations, Green Party, and Independent. Before Sanders entered the race, we were both going to vote for the Green Party, as we find representation from them in the form of their platform, which mirrors our own interests; especially when contrasted with the history and the platforms of the Democratic, Republican, or American Libertarian parties.

When I heard Senator Sanders, President Obama, numerous celebrities, and mindless social media contributors all telling citizens that placing a “protest vote” for the Green Party, or American Libertarian Party, makes us complicit in electing Trump, I wasn’t surprised in the least bit.

I heard this same story before, it goes like this: Since the Democratic party can’t rally the millions of already registered democratic voters to support their lackluster and mostly awful candidates, they seek to avoid accountability for their own failings, and blame the Green Party and third-party voters.

Don’t believe me, just go back to the 2000 election, where Ralph Nader magically upsets Gores’ ascendancy to the oval office, because millions of registered democrats abstained from voting, which was somehow the fault of third party voters.

The simple concept that a vote placed for someone, doesn’t count for someone else, is completely lost on these folks, along with personal accountability for their own party’s failings. But, what is rather comical is their new line of rhetoric regarding the so-called “protest vote”, which they are against, but also promoting.

I say that because to abstain from seeking/signaling representation by not placing a vote for Stein, in order to place a vote for Clinton, so Trump doesn’t win, would be a protest vote, and a rather idiotic one. I don’t believe that fighting neofascism with neoliberalism is in our country’s best interests, and vice-versa.

Which means our household rejects the notion of being told how to vote by anyone outside of those we specifically ask for counsel on the subject, reject the notion that the Green Party and third party voters are responsible when Democratic candidates do not win their own elections, and reject the notion of vote shaming.

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