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Pat Robertson
Pat Robertson
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Thirteen signs that if you do these, you’re stupid.

One of the most certain ways you can identify a fanatic, is they repeat the same things over and over.

A fanatic uses labels to denigrate political opponents, and imagines nationwide conspiracies whenever someone disagrees with them. A fanatic abandons the two-party system because of disagreement, and adopts an obstructionist viewpoint. No cooperation is possible. No forward movement. No accomplishment. A fanatic believes, "My way or no way."

A fanatic uses (misuses) God for political gain and miss-states American history to have the original Founding Fathers agreeing from their graves to the imposition of the church in political decision-making based on a narrow moralistic misinterpretation made by you--------the fanatic.

Thirteen signs you’re becoming a fanatic.

1. The only party that is wrong is the party I don’t like. My party has never done anything wrong and it if did something wrong I’ll never complain about it. I only complain about the opposing party. All that is wrong in the world is because of them.

2. I have given up referring to members of the other party as the “Loyal Opposition” as they used to do in more gentile times. Instead I consider my political opponents to be traitors, subversives, perverts, bad Americans.

3. I use labels to denigrate political opponents. For example, use of the word “Leftist.” Psychologically, Leftist rhymes with Communist, or Fascist, it sounds more evil than the word “Democrat,” which is a derivative of Democracy, which is psychologically more acceptable. Leftist insinuates some kind of evil plot. The psycho-rhymer will use verbiage to trash his opponent. For example,because I support Obama Health Care, one single issue, you consider me to be a “Leftist,” which to you basically is an anti-American traitor. Since you're a fanatic, your vision of America is the only proper America.

4. Democrats use labeling too but it’s been my experience they use such tactics less than Conservatives, for example you rarely hear a so-called “Liberal” refer to the nationwide “Fascist Media Conspiracy” (Fascist rhymes with Leftist and Communist). The media of Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and 100 others is a major source of Conservative thought, but you act like it doesn't exist. All you ever talk about is the "Liberal Media." I recently perused through want-advertisements for writing work (freelance writers) on the website All I could find were calls for conservative writers (pundits) including an ad for writers to write Pro-Trump articles.

5. Calling a Conservative a “Hate-Monger” may be true, but calling them a “Nazi” is rarely so, because that was a political party native to Germany in 1930, although there is an American Nazi Party. Such insults against the Right-Wing are as a rule harder to sell because they are more outlandish than the use of “Leftist.” “Leftist” is more clever, carries a more subtle meaning of insult than calling someone a “Nazi,” which is easier to disprove. For example you could be a race-baiting, hater and still not a Nazi because you hate blacks more than Jews, when if you were a real Nazi you’d hate Jews more than blacks.

6. Belief in national conspiracies. Like the national “Liberal-Biased Media” with no mention not one word about Conservative news outlets and remember I said fanatics often cherry-pick their complaints never finding any fault with their own side. That’s called being a hypocrite. Another punching bag when whining about how evil the system is; the Conservative accusation of the “Liberal Government School System.” The government has funded a public schools system for years and years and apparently only fairly recently have Conservatives, many who attended government-funded schools themselves, determined it is promoting a Communistic (Leftist) conspiracy agenda.

7. Also remember that part of being a fanatic is to complain and rail against something about how wasteful and evil and unpatriotic it is, but never never propose something to take its place---because there isn’t any----realistic alternative.

8. Remember too what I said about cherry-picking. The conservative patriot who defames the Pro-Leftist-School-System for being corrupt and loose with taxpayer money never says a peep about the wasteful practices of the military and the Pentagon, building doomsday weapons systems we don’t need at huge cost.

9. The fanatic will complain and whine about treachery while totally ignoring other wrongs---wrongs with which they either agree or are too lazy to care.

10. Most conspiracies (Liberal Media, Liberal School System), are greatly exaggerated, but once again, it is laziness. It’s always easier than taking an issue on an issue-by-issue basis, to take a one-size-fits-all approach to imagined exaggerated evil, in other words, having all your rotten eggs in one convenient basket---Liberal School System---- without mentioning any specifics.

11. Use of God and the Founding Fathers. The fanatic tries to inject his belief in God (his interpretation not yours) to justify the imagined righteousness of his political beliefs and cites the religiosity of the Founding Fathers even though the original founders clearly intended a separation of church and state. The fanatic does not study history and does not know it thus Sarah Palin said Paul Revere warned the British.

12. The fanatic says the “Liberal Leftist” mess of today is so far removed from the utopia set down by the Founding Fathers even though the founders were flawed men who held slaves (except for Adams) in an era when women, blacks, American Indians and Mexicans could not and did not vote. The Constitution was a document of promise in the beginning and not reality. The idea that the country has gone downhill from the supposed Garden of Eden of 1776 is a concocted myth.

13. A fanatic will never admit they were wrong, and if they are proven wrong will lie they were not wrong.

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