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Mike Pence
Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence said the Trump campaign will continue to criticize Hillary Clinton's "basket of deplorables" remark, while adding that voters have a "right to know" about candidate medical records. | Mike Pence, Vice President, Politics, Republican, Campaign,

There's A Better Option

We're mere weeks away from Election Day, and depending on who you ask, the numbers are not looking good for Team Trump. It takes 270 votes in the Electoral College to win the presidency, and a lot of the projections have Hillary Clinton at or over 200. Meanwhile, Republican media commentators and Trump loyalists call into question the veracity of each and every poll that shows Trump behind - a product of the 'dishonest media.' Up is down, left is right…who to believe?

One thing is for certain: to describe this election as a dumpster fire is an insult to dumpster fires - at least a good dumpster file will give off some heat on a cold night. People are angry. Social media is rife with vitriol. And why? The candidates stink.

On one side is The Shrill Socialist, a woman whose political career has primarily involved dodging scandal after scandal, failing her way to the top. An unindicted felon, she stands as a living testament to everything that is wrong with our political and governmental systems.

On the other side stands Cheeto Jesus, the late-night-tweeting, genital-grabbing, small-handed steak airline vodka mortgage magazine bottled water real-estate mogul. He's not afraid to tell it like it is seven different ways to seven different crowds. The man is so honest, even his own lawyers don't trust him.

Donald Trump took advantage of a large field of candidates, riding high into the Republican nomination in spite of the fact that, until he was unopposed, the vast majority of Republicans voted against him. Trump had the most abrasive personality, the highest unfavorability rating, and the most baggage. But still, he won.

The big question is, why is Donald Trump still the Republican candidate? Recent video of Trump remarking on his abhorrent treatment of women has dominated news coverage, and the last two presidential debates. The campaigns have pretty much become a contest to see who can convince the most Americans that the other candidate is more despicable. The debates have devolved into a contest to see who can deliver the best one-zingers…tally them up, and whomever has the highest score is declared the winner (unless, of course, the other candidate wins in the online polls).

Wikileaks' recent dump of hacked Democrat emails showed that Donald Trump is exactly the candidate that the Clinton campaign was hoping for. He is the least likeable. He is the most distractable. He is the most beatable.

Why are Republicans sticking with him?

After the release of the Billy Bush video, there was a lot of talk about the possibility that the Republican Party would push Donald Trump to step aside, and let Mike Pence lead the ticket. Pence is likeable for many more Republicans than Trump has ever been. He has experience, serving first in the House, and since 2013 as the 50th Governor of Indiana. He is more conservative than Trump, doesn't have the skeletons in his closet that Trump has, and is more presidential than Donald Trump is or ever could be. Pence isn't perfect, but he could bring this election up out of the dumpster, giving Republican voters a clear, positive choice for President, rather than settling for someone who is merely perceived as being marginally better than the other side.

At this point in the election, any major move by the GOP may be "too little, too late," and the clock is ticking, but there is still time before the election. By all appearances, the Trump Train is headed for a cliff, and with the current selection of candidates, America is in for at least 4 years of poor leadership in a time when we need something better.

With just a few weeks to go before the election, could Pence win? Who knows? But at least we would have someone worth fighting for, instead of the constant battle of negativity that the 2016 presidential election has become.

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