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Donald Trump
Donald John Trump, Sr., born June 14, 1946, is an American business magnate, investor, television personality, author, and 2016 US Presidential candidate. | Photo: Gage Skidmore | Donald Trump, Investor, Presidential Candidate, Money, Real Estate, Hair, Personality, Wealth,

Ignore the horrific accusations and continue to vote for him

It is all a matter of keeping your focus on the positive side, and funneling all the information to get to a fair conclusion. For that, let’s discuss about things they’re saying about Trump and analyze what are facts and what are just speculations.

To be able to get to a fair positive conclusion, first you need to make a neutral analysis of everything you read and hear about Donald Trump, research the sources of the information you get, and filter out what’s obviously augmented to make him look like a totally bad guy.

You know, words are words, but actions can speak louder! Therefore, a lot is being said about him, but what are the real facts? What has he really done in life? What is tangibly accurate about him and his life? There are so many important questions we have to ask about the stories we hear about him before we reach to a conclusion about his character. We cannot just believe on everything that is being shared on social media, or even on the main media, we have to research and think for ourselves!

Believe me or not, there are lots of positive aspects on having him elected president of the United States. Let’s begin by making an analysis about some of the negative stories, filter them out and analyze them through a neutral perspective to get to the positive aspect.


It is said that Donald Trump has no politics experience and that would make him not be a good president. But let’s stop to think for a moment about this and ask some questions. What kind of outcome have the so called ‘experienced politicians’ brought to America for the last few years? Is Donald Trump right when he states that politics is a disgrace and that good people don’t get to be elected? What kind of experience does he bring to his government proposal?

Good questions, right? Are you starting to get the drill of how to think neutral and start looking at the positive side to vote for Trump? Well, here we go... let’s answer some of these questions from a different perspective.

It is time for a change, and nothing better than having a president that is not an ‘experienced politician’, for he speaks from the heart, and not from reading out of diplomatic scripts! That means he is a real human being, not a puppet. He has very good points on stating that politicians have been a disgrace and that in most cases the good people don’t make it to the white house ever.

Finally, what kind of experience is he going to offer as a president, well, think again, he has raised an economical empire all by himself! You don’t believe it? Watch some of the biography documentaries about him from before he got into politics. He started everything from a loan, and no, it wasn't from his father, and he actually refused to get his father’s money because he wanted to prove that he could do it by himself. By building his giant and successful business, he had a great business plan, he had a vision, he had to deal with lots of employees, he had to do lots of negotiations with other businesses, with other countries, etc. He is got the experience that America needs right now to go back to being a great country again.


There is a tendency to judge him by his money and to think that he is ‘buying’ his candidacy. Well, let’s ask some questions again. Is he really buying his candidacy because he is investing of his own money? What is the difference between using your own money and accepting money from corporations to fund your candidacy? How does the majority of his employees think about him as their boss and as a person?

Wouldn't you think that by using his own money he would be free of secret agreements with other candidacy funders? I mean, he is not being ‘bought’ by anybody or any corporation, therefore, he doesn't own any of them anything, and will have the freedom to be a president to work for the best interests of people, and not corporations. Wouldn't that be great?

About what people who know him as a boss and as a person, if you make some research, you will find that the biggest part of people like him, and say great things about him and that he has a big heart. If you search for Lynne Patton’s impromptu declaration about Donald Trump, his organization, and his family, she states that Trumps are one of the most generous, compassionate and philanthropic families she has ever met. On her declaration, she goes on to explaining about the facts she knows about him and his family in terms of racism and other things, and will refer to her declaration further on.

The Mexico-US Border
The Mexico-US Border

The Mexico–United States border is an international boundary running from Tijuana, Baja California, and Imperial Beach, California, in the west to Matamoros, Tamaulipas, and Brownsville, Texas, in the east. | Immigration, Border, Militia, Armed, Violence, Civilian, Fence, Wall, Mexico,


Do you know the meaning of desegregation? It is the antonym of racism. We need to ask a few other questions here too. Is Donald Trump really a racist? What are the facts about the allegations of racism against him? Have his words about his ideas of building a wall and deporting immigrants, especially Latinos, been correctly interpreted?

Let’s start by analyzing the meaning what he said about Mexicans, because I see a lot of words taken out of the context of what he actually said and meant, lots of misinterpretations of his words, and lots of overreaction from people that haven’t taken the time to neutrally listen to his words.

First, when he said “When Mexico sends its people…” many people said he was wrong because Mexico is not sending its people, people are leaving to the US on their own. But if you are able to understand that Trump speaks metaphorically about many things, you will be able to understand that ‘sends its people’ means that they are leaving the country because of their government, that is not fulfilling its role to take care of basic things like health and education, and unemployment and crime is big. In other words, the government of Mexico is basically ‘sending people away from the country’, in search for better conditions of life.

Second, when he said “They’re not sending their best…”, “…they’re sending people that have lots of problems…”, “…and they’re bringing these problems…”, “…they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, and some, I assume they’re good people…”, there was a massive overreaction to the meaning of his words. Again, people who didn't take the time to put anger aside and listen carefully to what he meant, labeled him a racist and started to hate him. Think about it, is there any truth to what he said? I think there is, and no, please, I am not being a racist, I am a Latino woman, but I can think for myself.

What happens at the south border of the United States is inhuman. There are several documentaries that show that, and Donald Trump is right. There are LOTS of drugs coming through the border, there is a LOT of crime happening, LOTS of people getting murdered and women getting raped. Of course, like he also said, some GOOD people are trying to cross the border in search for a better life, but unfortunately only the strong survive the crossing, and many though people are strong. In other words, it is a VERY complicated situation, and what I really think Trump meant with his statements is that he is concerned with the situation, and wants create a solution.

And why not a wall? Wouldn't you build a fence between your neighbor’s house and yours if their dog kept insisting to cross the border to poop in your yard??? Wouldn't you feel that it would be right for your neighbor to pay for the fence, since he caused the problem? That for me is not being racist, is putting the country’s priorities into perspective to create a solution to a major problem, instead of ignoring it by saying that all immigrants are ‘good people’, look to the other side, and let all the barbarism to continue at the border…

And to close this part, did you know that he was married to an immigrant? His problem is not with immigrants, it is with illegal immigration. And no, he is not talking about just throwing people away, but expediting and improving the process.

“Nobody respects women more than me”…

This is probably the number one issue that is got people turning away from voting on Donald Trump, therefore we need a lot of neutrality and to do a lot of research to reach to the bottom of this question mark on his character. Let’s ask some questions again…

Did you search and watched the video to listen to what he really said word by word? If you didn't, please do it before you continue reading this, because you can’t get to a fair conclusion if you didn't. If you did, let’s move on, put anger aside, and analyze his ‘locker room talk’ words.

First he begins by telling the other guys that he moved on a woman that was married, and he admits that he failed, which so far is nothing out of the extraordinary, many women and men do that.

Then he proceeds to say that she has completely changed her looks, that she got phony tits and everything, and right after that you hear one of the guys inside the bus say “shesss your girls hot as s***, in the purple, whoa, yes! The Donald has scored”. That part for me it seems like a push from the guy that was with him, almost like a set up for Donald to say something else on that line, but so far again, it sounds like regular men private talk about women. Not that I agree with the way men talk about women, but I cannot deny that they do it, and it is in most part just talk, trying to prove being a man to other men.

While they’re waiting for a woman they know was going to be their host, Donald says that he better have some Tic Tacs just in case he starts kissing her, and proceeds saying that he is automatically attracted to beautiful and that he just starts kissing them, that it acts like a magnet, that he doesn't wait, and then he states that “when you’re a star they let you do it, you can to anything…”, etc.

I don’t need to repeat all of his words, because the key statement here is ‘THEY LET YOU DO IT’. The definition of rape states that a rape is sexual harassment without consent, but if he says ‘They let you do it’, is that without consent??? Or has this been taken out of context by the media? Just ask these questions and think for yourself, because it has blown out of proportions in my opinion as a woman who cares for women’s rights.

After that blown up about his character, a few women decided to make public statements against him, alleging sexual harassment. I think that’s fishy, and I have some questions. Why didn't they say that before? Is it really harassment if they let him kiss them? Are these women saying the truth or taking advantage of the situation? Has anything been proven?

On his business, he employs more women than men at the upper levels, and many get paid more than men. That is not because he wants to harass them sexually, it is because he respects women and their intellectual capacity, that’s why he had his first wife run his business as well!


Because of making these questions about the truth behind Donald Trump’s accusations, and sounding to others like I was defending him, I have taken a lot of heat, I even got one of my cousins blocking me on Facebook! But I continue to stand by my believes that he is not as bad as he has been portrayed, and that most of his statements have been taken out of the context to sound like he is a bad man.

To ignore everything bad that is been said about Trump, I suggest that you do what I did, research by yourself, listen to his words yourself, and carefully, without being predisposed to hate him, without being angry, just listen, read, analyze, and get to your own conclusions. Step outside the box, look at the information from the outside like a neutral observer, that will give you a bigger picture of the situation.

I have watched several of his 'The Apprentice' shows, and I have seen no prejudice on his part, he fired people for their lack of business skills, not for their race, age or gender ever. And with that he gained a lot of respect from people, because even though he was strict, he was assertive and focused on the results of the tasks. That for me makes great president’s qualities.

It might be a good change to have a good hearted and compassionated man, who knows how to deal with business effectively, who cares for people, and in summary, who is righteous, as a president of the United States. And I am talking as a Latino-Canadian, an outsider who has no vote on these elections, but who knows that whatever the results are, they will have a big impact all over the world, especially Canada.

I am looking forward to seeing the results of this election! Be neutral, get to your own conclusions, and vote right! Make the U.S. a great country again!

¡Hasta la vista!

Miriam Cunha

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