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James Comey
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Some things should remain hidden. Like Weiner's emails.

It's Tuesday and the FBI's head honcho still has a job. Amazing.

FBI Director James Comey could've waited until after the election to squeal to his Republican handlers, "Hey, I've got some big Weiner news!" There was no rush to go pubic... public after finding out from his agents that some emails on underwear model Anthony Weiner's laptop might somehow be relevant to the once-closed Hillary Clinton email inquisition.

So why the hurry to release this info 12 days before the election? His actions have been deemed "irresponsible," "reckless," and "full of sh*t" by Democrats and Republican alike. Wads of excrement disguised as Karl Rove and former Congressman and current a**wipe/deadbeat dad Joe Walsh agree that the timing of Comey's announcement is unfair.

Of course, the cable news channels are frothing at the mouth, their unbridled giddy joy on full display. It would be bad enough if the story was just about Hillary. But toss in Anthony "Enlarged" Weiner, and the folks over at CNN and MSNBC are spraying each other with various fluids oft-times associated with genitals. Oh happy days are here again! They've spun this news story into unrecognizable blather, creating a scenario that could easily morph into such headlines as,"Hillary's Weiner. Is There More to C*m?" or "Clinton Gets Salacious Laptop Dance."
Amidst this cacophony, not a peep about Trump's impending trials regarding the fraud at Trump "University" and the rape of a 13-year old model at one of Donald's cocaine-induced 1990's sex fests. Not one word about him stiffing his own pollster (no pun intended!) to the tune of $750,000. But worst of all, no mention of the FBI's ongoing investigation into Russia's attempts to mess with our election in the hopes of electing their favorite son Donald Ilyich Ulyanov Trump.

Fortunately, the Comey story, as bad as it is, won't do much to damage Hillary's chances and early polling seems to bear that out. Partisans on both sides are so immovable right now that the 6 to 8 point lead Hillary enjoys will most likely continue right through next Tuesday night. So breathe easy Democrats. Comey's indiscretion will be but a bleep in a week.

But Comey's day of reckoning is a-coming. If he isn't fired by Obama on November 9th, he will surely be looking for a new job after January 20, 2017, the day when this entire email nonsense will finally go away, the day when Hillary Rodham Clinton takes the oath of office.

Good luck, Mr Comey. Email me with your comments.

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