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Hillary the Artful Dodger

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton looks at a computer screen during a campaign stop at Atomic Object company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S. March 7, 2016. | Photo: Carlos Barria | Hillary Clinton, Computer, Apple, Email, Hack, Campaign, Carlos Barria,

Secretary of state is primary target of foreign intelligence

If I had classified information (which I was authorized to have) on my unsecured laptop or phone, I would be writing this OpEd from a federal prison cell. If you did the same, we'd be cellmates.

There are no politics and no gray area. It's a treasonous crime.

Yet, somehow, Hillary Clinton is somehow dodging responsibility for this factually proven offense. Furthermore, her campaign supporters seem to feel this is irrelevant. Forget about her private misuse of US funds, her culpability in Benghazi, her abominable performance as secretary of state, and her endless character flaws... Let's just talk about her crime. Why is she immune? How is it that half of my beloved country is just ignoring all this?

Liberals, are you kidding me?

I am beyond the ability to comprehend how this person is being considered for leading the free world. As an independent, I look at facts, ignore the fluff, and vehemently disregard the comical media vitriol, cloaked as 'journalism.' Yet, I'm still perplexed. Has liberalism eroded to the point of turning such a blind eye just to support the party?

I have that all-too-familiar 'throw-up' taste in my mouth.

The breakdown

Unsecured devices are easily hacked by any experienced person, and certainly by any intelligence agency, anywhere. It's their job. Arguably, more than any other American governmental employee, the secretary of state is target number one for surveillance by outside agencies.

Dave Whitnah, a former State Department contractor with some of the highest clearances available spoke out about Hillary Clinton's abuse of responsibility; "The State Department was her oyster and it was great for the [Clinton] foundation and great for the Clintons to be able to have such a great position,"

Whitnah's employment experience within the State Department's Office of Security Technology (responsible for cameras and alarms and sweeping for bugs) knows that all relevant parties understand the secretary of state is the primary target of foreign intelligence services.

“The number one person would be the secretary of state and their communications," Whitnah told Fox News recently. "You can think of the Iran negotiations, nuclear negotiation, negotiations with Russia, talks with Russia. You know, anything to do with foreign policy."

According to Whitnah, tens of millions of dollars were spent on technical security for Clinton. This monumental expense was totally disregarded as her team traveled globally on official American government business.

"It was unfathomable that [her BlackBerry] would be used for anything other than just unclassified communication," Whitnah said. The State Department never certified Hillary Clinton's devices as "secure." With regard to her use of a non-secure BlackBerry, and amateur surveillance person will tell you that even if turned off, it’s still a listening device. This is why you take out the batteries.

Amel Smith helped write the State Department on confidential information handling in 2009, when Hillary Clinton held the Secretary of State position. Smith's background includes serving in the U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne, before becoming a counter-intelligence and counter-espionage investigator at State, tracking down breaches of classified materials

Smith clearly states; "I hear things like, well, I forgot, um, I don't know that I was trained, I don't know this. You know -- every single person that had access to that information when it was sent is in violation..."

Secure facilities for classified information (SCIF's) were specially built for Clinton in her in Washington, D.C., and Chappaqua, N.Y., homes. FBI records prove that SCIF doors that were supposed to be locked were left open. "If you've got an uncleared person in there, it's automatically a compromise," Smith said.

Clinton blatant lies

Current FBI summaries state there were personally owned desktop computers in the SCIF's at Clinton's homes, yet she lied to the FBI, stating she did not have a computer of any kind in these facilities.

Having unapproved computers in a SCIF would automatically call for a security investigation. "If somebody said they're there, then they probably were there, and you know, the reason you would deny it was because you probably didn't have approval," Smith said.

A "misrepresentation"

Whitney told Catherine Herridge (an award-winning Chief Intelligence correspondent), when asked for his reaction to Clinton's claim that nothing she sent or received was marked classified, Whitnah called that assertion a “misrepresentation.” Fox News was first to report in June that at least one of the emails contained a classified information portion marking for "c" which is confidential. FBI Director James Comey later said in July when he recommended against criminal charges that a handful of Clinton emails contained classified markings.

The truth is, there were many more than a "handful" of classified documents. In fact, there were more than 2,100 emails with classified information. Furthermore, at least 22 “top secret” level documents, passed through Clinton's unsecured private server.

Amel Smith said it best;

Whether it's the private email server, whether it's this private laptop. If there's classified -- one document on there -- that's classified, it's a violation. Somebody violated [the] law... Throw all the politics out the window, what we're talking about is the defense of this nation.

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