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Regulating An Internet Mob

Following the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, rioting protests struck out of the boat-people states, marring the peace of city centers like New York, Seattle and Portland. It wasn’t exactly out-of-the-ordinary. And yes, it is boring.

Eight long years of Obamaphonics, pushing elitist Academic Socialism to couple a system of quota austerity with an outright racist culture of violence is making the U.S. a target, destabilizing its proud tradition to never negotiate with Terrorism. An ism.

Donald Trump’s nationalist law and order Presidential bid is frankly just what America needs after 8 years of Democrat Nihilism. The question really is how many Obama-followers of Liberal Artist Federalism still identify as American enough to heal the pains of adopting the tax-thy-neighbor failure that is Communism? And as an ism, dealing with a Y2K 9/11 homeworld that still doesn’t appreciate war-fatigue at least as much as Generation X, the children of Vietnam, America must address its glaring Macro Economic challenges. It must foster culture in the United States of City States that are completely divorced from reality, and it must divorce itself from slave-labor practices of busing foreigners to complete work that no sports-fan wants to do.

Debt and the small business must be reintroduced to a flagrantly ignorant polity.

Thankfully, there are robots coming and robo-tech and cloning and everything so that no one has to leave their marble place of plastic and gold. But that is exactly the problem. To pretend that a law and order Presidency isn’t in the cards is radically bigoted after Y2K and 9/11 tilted free-market America to the Terrorist.

If Trump is to lead the world out of a proxy war against a National Security U.N. power while Europe consolidates its losing vassal state models through an expanded Military Industrial complex as Arabia and India continue to overpopulate a dying planet, he must remake an American image that has gone from radically simple to chintzy over the course of the Obama Presidency. (As seen in international ridiculing of Americans during the last Olympics)

Trump’s Presidential bid to manage the overboundance of remittances of a faulty economic slave Feudalism of a borderless Federalism must be seen for what it is: peaceable. The professional rioting of ensconced students of International Communism within the world’s reserve currency should be confronted as willful Terrorism.

The isolationist politicking of the Obama Presidency laid waste to falling European values to champion intercontinental migrant macro-economics to bank on leveraging the Ukraine through a pulsing Military Industrial complex to give Europe back its own Standing Army in the name of anti-Russian racism. A more perfect storm for Nuclear Holocaust even the folksy Barack Obama couldn’t come up with. And our televised appeasement culture fanned these flames.

Trump must now take the job declined by Obama and talk plain sense to a disintegrating West that only knows war as a history. Like impetuous law and order leader Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, this face-lift starts at home as the 400 Million user Linkedin stands to lose the Russian market. What’s next? The blessed future of a service-based American economy has been shooting itself in the foot, wrecking its brand, betting against family values to avoid talking sense and leading bye example.

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