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Liberals Protest Trump
Donald Trump
Donald Trump
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The President Elect versus the mob

In the shadow of the 45th President Elect, the professional protester class of intercontinental Liberal Artists studying poetic modes of Fascism took to city centers to protest and smuggle riot and Honor Killings. Liberal media ridiculed prospective Homeland Security boss David A. Clarke for stating that tantrums had to be quelled, reminding all that Americans have a right to peaceably assemble.

So, whatever world-view the Liberal press has been living on, the harang to end borders and beat and kill those against from the Social Media heights of Tent Pole cinema and cop killing artisanal gangster rap is Terrorism. Allowing it to go appeased creates more Terrorism. The Terrorism is leveragable, for example, by Conservative Islam in its traditional attack on the West.

So, President Elect Donald J. Trump during the protests, personally published that he finds professional protestation unfair and sought out, Presidentially, unity by complimenting the upheaval as passionate while he ditched his press corps. to witness his web-site blink his proposed policy of punishing all Muslims for the Terrorist sins of a few.

The isolationist Federalism of Barack Obama is no more. Obama would whip up more frenzy and more cop killings, pointing to the racist heartland minority Republicanism, sharing that he feels the election was unfair only to whip up new laws against threatening violence as he did using Ferguson riots to ensconce the police from Twitter Honor Killings. And children would learn how to appease a bully and never become the rugged stand-up Americans that reality calls for as the richest citizens around. And then they would hear that their President really only respects, ‘Men with guns.’

Long live President Trump. Americans can expect a hard-line President who will not hesitate to celebrate counter-culture groups as a New York Republican proud of all kinds of people and cognizant of the value that, that represents. But the Obama days of pilfering the home with the worship of counter culture to clobber Military Industrial Macro Economics to print unlimited money are no more. (Debt must be reintroduced as a thing even)

Trump’s campaign legacy is simple. The malcontent Social Media mob dictating American values is Chinese. Their currency is manipulated by China. (For industrial reasons that are know more) War with Russia over paranoid European Military Industrial designs to stay a respected vassal of America is not an option. Westerners must be respected in their own world as industrious producers of stuff and all the stuff everyone is fighting over as a defacto Chinese spies on Chinese-made equipment. Things like culture must also be reintroduced to remind all the intercontinental migrants seeking free money in Northern cities that the North presents a culture of debt. (That’s all)

So many Americans would gladly die to see an end to the Democrat domestic spying on the police force. Spying as a fulltime international spy is always an option. Federalism again. The apotheosis of the Y2K 9/11 Executive is expected. Industrial Strength Communism via something called Proof of Religion is not an option. Anarchy and, especially, State-sponsored Anarchy is not an option.

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