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Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Donald Trump
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Towards A Trump Indictment

Religion is pretty much just only a multi-generational tradition. That’s all. It binds groups to ideas and things through rituals and perpetuates identity, regionalism, balance of power, and thusly the etc. of free stuff and free money. (A conspiracy)

45th President Elect Donald Trump’s campaign to Make America Great Again that stunned the coastal States’ media apparatus of their own Democrat party and forced the New York Times to admit that it’s a propaganda rag is a religious indictment of the American city, of the American megalopolis, of the American editorial reality. It’s become routinely racist, arrogant, and aloof after decades of anti-white sentiment in the poetry and joking of the entertainment industry, and it’s become cowardly and anarchist and, mostly, ignorant as a generation. (Appeasing a culture that is alien to Northern debt-based culture)

Does the Trump campaign to make American Great Again whinge on about the country? Its loss of manufacturing? Its changing Demographics? Who knows? The citified, monied, swag-infested city would have to leave open a door for migrants from their own country and language and culture to penetrate it, but suffice it to say that many Americans consider the city to be soft and the new America to be soft. Its history hasn’t been soft, and its work-ethic is notoriously the most rigorous in the industrialized world. So is it set to become the number one protester as a thing that makes anything, and it'll successfully manipulate markets because diversity?

Much violence during the elections came from beating Trumpers for perceived racism, heartlandism and Confederatism. No leadership cared or spoke against the miss-quoting in the press of Trump and his stand against illegal alien culture of American rape and American plunder.

This is a religious problem. Schools seem to be teaching that the Civil War is an out for Northern plutocrats (abolitionists) to blame any systemic problems of Northern greed on slave traditions and slave culture, pointing at the heartland to continue extorting the country for resources like Stalin to appease potentially violent city centers of international culture. The Civil War happened over Two World Wars ago and saw the equivalent of 6 Million whites die over an African migrant problem. Naturally, it's over a Holocaust ago.

If you want to confess to sitting through History class, at least give the Confederacy credit for defending their Southern climate against a migrant laborer that could have turned the whole bread-basket into a Viking situation. Needless to say, this interpretation of history presents a religious problem of Americana that has rapidly disappeared from the U.S. brain-waves.

The new generation of the worst test-taking kids in American history has a serious problem. Close to half want to end free speech and sanction hate speech. And they want to do this as they white-wash History like Federalist Communists, putting up new religious symbolism as State functionaries recognizing mobs like Satanism and the persecution of Christians and Atheism and the persecution of Christians written onto marble and under protection of the Constitution.

This is a recipe for anarchy, war and genocidal problems of a State functioning as a Church that has lost its own religion.

Better just to wake up and admit it's time to make American great again.

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