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Richard Spencer
Stopping racism
Stopping racism
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They're not just white

Apparently it's a great year to be a white supremacist.

White supremacists have declared that Donald Trump's victory is their victory — their policies now have a mandate. In various interviews and profiles, they've declared that America is now on the way to becoming the white homeland it's supposed to be. That they're going to "take America back." That they're entitled to an "ethno-state" where white people "can live among family safe and secure."

We need to take every opportunity to make it clear that wherever this fantasy homeland is, it's not the United States. Claims that it's their country to the exclusion of everyone else are nonsense. Claims they have a mandate are even more nonsense — the candidate they supported lost the popular vote by more than two million voters. The "mandate" stuff is just PR, an argument that everyone should roll over and submit because white supremacists are the voice of the majority. White people are (as I've been told over the years) the real Americans.

And yes, they are real Americans. But so is everyone else. Real Americans include thousands of different races, skin colors, faiths, ethnicities, sexual orientations and political persuasions, none of which is more truly American than the other. Jews, gays, Asians, Poles, atheists, Hispanics, Muslims, secularists, Catholics — they're real Americans too. They’re entitled to the same rights, privileges and freedoms as the whitest, ancestors-came-on-the-Mayflower WASP.

America does belong to white people, but only in the same sense that it belongs to everyone else. Not one drop more. Nobody has an exclusive claim to America. Everyone has to share. Whites, nationalist or not, certainly have no more claim on the U.S. than the native tribes who were here centuries before "white American" was a thing. Many of the ancestors of Hispanic America arrived a long time before the Pilgrim Fathers. Black Americans have worked to build this country for as hard and as long as whites, whether as free men and women or laboring under the lash. Women have worked to build this country too, in everything from farms to the space program, even though white nationalists seems keen on putting them back in "traditional" roles (i.e., men are the boss!).

If white nationalists want an "ethno-state" they can always move back to whatever country their ancestors came from. France, Norway, Russia, Canada, Scotland, wherever. The idea that America, a country founded by an endless stream of immigrants from everywhere, is innately white (or Protestant or Aryan) or should be innately white — that's just laughable.

White supremacy, unfortunately, is not so laughable. It's ugly, vicious, and will doubtless cause America no end of grief. Reminding them that they're no more American than anyone else won't make them go away, but it's a first step to counteracting their propaganda.

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