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Brian Williams
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The fake news thing

In 2012, Mitt Romney lost his war with the Main Stream Media when it caught him disparaging Welfare subscribers as being fundamentally beyond the message of the G.O.P. And, of course, other things also happened to keep Romney from President!

During the 2016 election, Donald Trump waged his own war on the Main Stream Media; stiff-arming an N.B.C. reporter reportedly standing in the wrong place at the wrong time to accept Nazi laurels. He mocked a disabled reporter for grandstanding on 9/11 to gain a Hitlerian reputation. And he continued his negotiating ways of flip-flopping on issues to publically argue to the moderate center, keeping a Conservative base to gain the reputation of being a serial liar. And that nearly cost him the election against the State-Department-certified certifiable behavior of one Hillary!

December 13th, after the official, official announcement that Exxon Mobil’s Rex Tillerson will be proffered to the Senate as the State Department boss, it would be crazy not to note the extent to which Trump’s war on American media became itself the crux and main issue of its own reporting. C.N.N. promised to come further Right amid C.N.N. International’s ferocious dissent into shoddy reporting and fake news to color its wildly Leftist editorial as, well, beyond the pale to support cynical shows like Political Mann.

American cynicism in general has been missing from the Obama 24 Hour News Cycle: that American trait that nothing changes unless you change it. At it might be staying around if one-time Bloomberg anchor and Cold Warrior Stephanie Ruhle use of the Fake News thing is any indication.

The New Yorker famously lists Satire at the end of its Satire pieces, and, President Elect, Donald Trump, himself, is known for using Fake News as part of his own publicity.

As proof that Fake News is becoming a thing, Fake News became the Administration’s U.S. bond for any combative editorial as it continued in its post-9/11, unilateral custom of dominating message to war against Russia, joining a lap-dog E.U. resolution to brand Russian news as worse that I.S. and therefore censurable in a NATO action to help the Ukraine test S-300 missiles in a Two day drill that was, reportedly, curtailed to one.

Fake News?

Defense analysts orchestrating the neutering of the vaunted American Navy, cried foul Two weeks ago during the planned second day of ballistic tests, proposing that Mechanization was afoot as NATO’s moving pieces signed war to a stirred and dangerous Russian Federation. NATO was hosting a brigade of tactics in Lithuania with another one coming to patrol permanently for the first time in Eastern Europe as Missile Defense curtails Russian influence in Eastern Europe with Russia countering and American Marines rushing to inhabit space in Norway that could supply some 15 Thousand as cyber whistles go off in Russia from the Netherlands through the Ukraine: Security Council Ukraine.

It is laughable to think that a Nuclear situation was not the Fake News cycle.

That though is Fake News itself. Whether it’s blabby Rudy Giulianni Fake News, dubbed Trump favorite by Conservative Independent media, or Mitt Romney Fake News, bandied by Trump to shut up the Left’s accustomed, slothful, racist anti-Russian stance or (R-CA) Dana Rorabacher’s potentially divisive Fake News; it seems, for now, to be Rex Tillerson Fake News with his Russian know-how and Russian leanings.

Defense analysts complain they are not sure if S-300’s continue to be stationed in a flagrant position to Russia, if they merely finished their drills without radar or if they themselves are unsure of any of this Fake News to mend international fences in some badly needed international Conservativism after 8 years of listening to Barack Obama’s off-the-cuff personal weakness, promoting lawness amid official press briefings.

Definitely, definitely Hawaiian Fake News with a heart-land accent.

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