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U.S. involvement in and around Arabia goes back to the story of the first Marines, Thomas Jefferson’s distaste for anything Federal and William Eaton: the guy that freed an Italian Princess from Arabian slavery, crossing a desert, etc.

Eaton set a couple of American precedents leading his rag-tag bunch of pseudo-Marines who don’t do deserts. First off, he established American Foreign Policy as the world’s policeman. He also famously retained his Arabian retinue: responsible for engineering an important regime change to peacekeep international piracy codes and establish neophyte America as the go-to sea-power. And he retained them with words: words on the similarity between the American Protestant notion of God and Islam’s expansive and Liberal God of live and let successful Capitalists live.

A God that allows men to keep up to 4 wives may certainly be said to be Liberal and was just pointed out by a British Arabian landlord on R.T. television as such.

Anybody dealing in Macro notions of society and order shouldn’t have a difficult time squaring increased economic disparity as being religiously Liberal. It, simply put, is unwise and a Liberal experiment in Freedom and Liberty and, frankly, governance.

American media, witnessing Muslim Terrorism come to its shores last Summer amid a flowing phenomenon flooding Europe, has yet to chime in that Muslim Terror is frankly Conservative and not radical or, to use a synonym, liberal.

Just as issuing 4 wives to fighting men is a Liberal experiment in mobilization and thusly less religious and more cultural and terrestrial, warring against other religions is religiously Conservative as it represents a Godly commandment to stay relevant, ironically, by issuing the end of all economics, war, to jealously retain relevance. Tediously, war is not terrestrial since war is death to individuals and collectives, thusly characterizing Islamic Terrorism as radically… Conservative.

This is an important point as all points are important in the logical and proudly conversational Muslim faith with its Christian obsession for footnoting phenomena with a witness and a corroborated list of witnesses. (Hadith)

The point that Islam is Conservatively Terrorist is not lost on the American Liberal. Noted celebrities called the Tea Party the American Taliban, drawing an analogy from a country-bumpkin stereotype and vengeful politic on the urban cess-pool of corruption and decadence.

However, the West should accept the fact that a literate and vocal American Administration has already implemented a Conservative causeway of Foreign Policy by President Elect Trump. His military threat to punish the many for the sins of the few and bar all Muslims from immigration if Terrorism continued did cause celebrities to reject Islamic Terror, and, in the most personal irony of the religion of Islam itself, it shared the nature of the Jewish jealous God that is tribal, and, above all, linguistic, making discussion in lingua franca potentially wrong-headed for decadent, tedious zealots that do not recognize Islam’s long unifying Liberal position against fanatical and conflicting and warring Christian States.

Trump’s anti-Muslim immigration policy saves lives since it engages zealots faithfully. His precedent to be man enough to speak out in a religious context and accept the Western privilege of being a logical cog in the wheel of Islam binds the religions of the bible: Jewish, Christian and Muslim.

Liberal accusations that Trump’s flip-flopping moderate self-congratulatory negotiations from a personally Conservative perspective endanger America are tentative. Islam is patient, logical and Liberally sues for certain Conservative values such as demonstrations of faith.

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