The Great Calexit Debate

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Urging a YES vote

CalExit is the "Brainchild" of these leftists crybabies here in California to withdraw California from the union. You see, now that Trump and his Horrible Deplorables have taken over, it's just too much for the prissy-pants wittle snowflakes to brook. They need their wittle shelters to shield them from reality. So now they want to take California and stomp home with it like it is their ball on the playground. To which I say, why the hell not. Get out, please, go as far away as possible and then keep going.

I've written about this before, but why exactly does the U.S. have to stay together? Why couldn't we split the U.S. into something like 50% land and/or states going to the liberals and 50% to us wretched deplorables?

This is the reality. Fight as hard as you want but 10 years, 30 years, 50 years from now this country is still going to be divided roughly 50/50. Don't we all know that? When has there ever been anything like a lopsided tilt in the history of the country? Look at the last 200 years of elections. It's always roughly 55/45, and when it's 60 % on one side it's consider a blowout. It's not going to change. Why not face it? As a right/libertarian I also advocate legalizing drugs. I'm not for drugs but it seems to me that the reality is that drugs are never going away regardless. And I do mean never. So again, come on. Why not make the best of the situation.

Personally for me, it's just gotten to the point that I really can't stand to see one more pwecious wittle snowflake whining away about the big bad world. And it really goes without saying but they loathe us as much as we loathe them. That's a fact too, of which I am deeply, deeply concerned.

England left the E.U. The Soviet Union of course imploded. It is hard, but it could be done. I think it's a serious proposal. When I say this or write about this, people act as if I just said I saw Elvis in the saucer. Why? Countries all across the world, through history have done it.

It would be something like this. The libs get the Northeast and the Pacific coast. That's roughly 25 states. The "Horrible Deplorables" get the South and the Midwest. Their side could be called the "People's Republic of Goodness" and ours could be called the "Horrible Deplorables Wasteland." (I can't wait, I want to do deplorable things a plenty.) Both sides would get 2 of the 4 big ticket states. The left gets California and New York, the right gets Texas and Florida. After the bifurcation is effectuated, people would still be able to travel freely from side to side, as they do now in Europe.

The left then can do whatever it is they do and so can the right. If a snowflake came up to me wanting me to sign the CalExit I would heartily sign for at least 2 reasons (After I used CPR on him.) First off, California is absolutely gone anyway. This is the liberal capital of the world. California is the lopsided left loony bin. The second reason is it might start the ball rolling on actually splitting the entire country. If it ever happened, I wouldn't have to move but I would probably move to someplace like Texas, as one example. (How many snowflakes are you going to find in Texas?) A world where the whining crybabies are kept to a minimum would really be heaven on earth. Think of it, wouldn't it be nice not to look at the daily parade of these nauseating, whining crybabies?

I want to mention one last split. That is the one where Czechoslovakia split into two new nations. It was bloodless. Was everybody happy? Are they ever? But it did seem to work. I don't hear any clamoring of the two new states saying they want to get back together because they miss their great amigos so.

So I say yes to CalExit, yes, on splitting the nation. Look, I know it's not going to happen but dreaming hasn't be banned yet, has it?

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