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Nicole Kidman
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Whatever it means, you're in or out

Fake polls, fake Presidential candidate, Fake News, fake judge, fake brass: fake outrage. That would make a fake coup. As the Kremlin seems to have predicted online with a November story, Color Revolution. Whatever it means, you're in or out.

The latest installment in the depressingly real media saga to castigate Donald Trump, his beliefs and policies, features a gripe from a former Joint Chiefs' Chairman Mike Mullen.

To the N.Y. Times, this isn't just a bi-partizan Chairman of George W. Bush and Barack Obama who can push the violent tide against Donald Trump, it's an opportunity to provide an interesting political tidbit about the most hallowed halls of power and that's all. Obama's Chief Strategist, David Axlerod, sat in National Security Council meetings, but positioning a Chief Strategist as a member of staff: that's dangerous and needs to be remedied. (Especially this one)

Color Revolution!

And you have right there as to why the paper of record recently admitted it had been reduced to rag status, publishing Jacobean attacks in a fraying national climate with race on the table as a source of violence. And so it continues, allowing Mullen to color Chief Strategist and National Security Adviser Steve Bannon, a veteran of the Navy, as personally and institutionally dubious to sift wide-spread and fraudulent allegations that Steve Bannon is a racist and genocidal exterminator who, being a Nazi, sees the virtues of starting on his own people...

For the N.Y. Times, this is just a strange, crunchy, granola time in the paper's crunchy, granola march back to crunchy granola glory, surely, taking U.S.A. Today journalism to be closer to the pulse and in this climate obviously meat and potatoes. They found that after Hundreds of hours of investigation, Bannon's no racist.

America's celebrity class of righteous BLM supporters, however, has spoken, siding with the pernicious Women's March, that attacking the administration is fine, because the administration is attacking women's right to chose abortion. Trump supporters continue to be attacked. Organized riots are breaking out, and George Soros is dying a breathtaking death, going from the man who broke the bank of England to money-bags that broke the back of Western civilization.

Sure. Suits of slander and fraud are beginning to protect Trump. This is trademark Donald Trump all over the place. But there is no settling out of court as President.

He picked a fight with abortion, which as a real estate man he knows he can't legislate, rather than pick on homosexualism and the separation of church of State, because graft means votes: especially in a service economy. More Democracy; more transparency; less government; more governing, is the horrifying refrain after 8 years of an openly Anarchist Executive Branch that has created a professional protester class from Wall Street with the world's #1 global reserve currency.

Color Revolution. Intelligence agencies are investigating their own boss: Pentagon head Mike Flynn, because he talked with a Russian ambassador.

Color Revolution. The National Security Council that until recently was wrangled by a glorified Speech Writer, Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Adviser, is wielding more power than the President untweeting Presidential opinion that is front-page news everyday in an unapologetic, unremitting McCarthy-ite era of total corruption for Internet respect and Stealth money.

Nothing changes in a color revolution but the government. Everyone keeps working. It's a sanctioned revolution. Mandated by a greedy media in need of more democracy to stay salient and solvent, a Color Revolution proports to improve life with an augmented view of new and more goods and services. It's corruption guaranteed: an organized ouster of a foreign government to better manipulate at home. (Idealogically convenient)

For example, Ukraine's 2004 Orange Revolution did eventually bite, getting protesters to reject a 17 Billion Dollar deal with a bond from Russia in 2014, because they thought the I.M.F. money of Barack Obama to be more infinite. The State Department's Arab Spring in 2010 caught the Green treatment when the lobbying world saw Democracy as the be-all and end-all, welcoming horrific Obama Foreign Policy choices to hasten a vacuum of leadership throughout Arabia that horrifyingly continues as Anarchy onto today.

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