Why A Jewish Democrat Voted Republican

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Donald Trump
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It's Just Business

I have been a Democrat for my entire life. And yes – I voted for Donald Trump. So now - I'm sure a good bunch of you are considering turning to the next page. But I really hope you hang with me for just a few more paragraphs to explain.

I am not a genius by any stretch of the imagination – I have plenty of friends whom continually enjoy reminding me of the fact. But I think God blessed me with lots of common sense – so if you want to figure me out – just go to the common sense section.

Was Donald Trump my first choice? No way – not even close. Ringing any bells out there? My second, third or fourth? You can keep counting... Do I think Donald Trump is full of himself? A big yes. Is he arrogant? Another big yes. Does Donald Trump have a list of "uninspiring qualities?" Yep!

So, what was I thinking?

It all came down to one very important question for me – what kind of country are we leaving behind for our kids? The United States isn't perfect – but as Americans at least we try to be. Most of us have good intentions – including our politicians – but again – as we know – they aren't perfect either. But what kind of decisions are our leaders making that will enable us to leave behind a better country than our generation started with?

We have all heard the phrase, "History always repeats itself." Which is the same as saying, "The answers are in our past." In a nut shell – we need to ask ourselves – what happened to the great civilizations of the past? They all rose to their splendor and disappeared for the same reasons. I am proud to say that I think our United States is the great civilization of our time. And if you spend just a few minutes to think about it – we're following the same exact formula that could very well lead to our demise.

These great civilizations became dominant and took care of their citizens. Eventually their dominance led to self-satisfaction, status quo and sitting back on their laurels – otherwise known as complacency. This led to excessive self-indulgence and laziness. Because of this excessive self- indulgence – these civilizations began to over-tax their citizens. This led to protests, revolts and civil wars. When there was nothing left to tax – these civilizations cut back on their military and stopped paying their soldiers – which resulted in all of them perishing into history.

Aren't we following the same path? Our national debt is beyond the moon! About $20 Trillion and getting worse every day – in exact numbers that's $19,920,418,771,289 which is over $60,000 for every person living in the United States. For a family of four – that's about $250,000. This means - our government continually spends more than our tax revenue can keep up with. If the United States were a company – It would have gone out of business a long time ago. But since we're not a business – our deficit continues to grow. And who do you think is going to have to pay for it?

Our trade deficit is just as bad. In January 2017, our trade deficit was $48.5 Billion - which means in one month we bought over $48 Billion more in goods from foreign countries than they bought from us. Common Sense – this means foreign countries need to hire more employees while we need less.

And here's a really big one that worries me the most – in 2013 - 40% of Americans didn't pay any federal income tax and only four years later for 2017 – that number is now over 45%! And the number of American tax payers continues to get smaller every year! So where are we headed?

My common sense continued to drive me to realize – the "Inside the Washington Beltway" people have no idea how to control themselves. So why would I vote for more of the same?

Yes, we have other problems – but they can't be resolved if we don't exist. And I hate to think what this world would look like without the United States and more so – what our kids are going to encounter. Most likely a problem they can't solve. So, I voted for a businessman and an arrogant one at that!

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