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Netanyahu Proves Iran Lied About Nuclear Program

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Iran Soldiers
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Iran Lied Repeatedly And Deliberately About Its Nuclear Weapons Work

Monday evening in an address to the entire nation of Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, revealed publicly that Israeli intelligence had succeeded in acquiring definitive proof that Iran had lied repeatedly and deliberately regarding the status of its nuclear weapons work, that it had in fact never abandoned its nuclear weapons aspirations and that, in effect, every statement made by the Islamic Republic of Iran during negotiations regarding the Iran nuclear deal had been utterly false.

Then the Prime Minister laid out the proof.

Israeli intelligence agents successfully accessed Iran's secret atomic archive and stole in excess of 100,000 documents, charts, presentations, photos and videos detailing the status of Iranian nuclear weapons work. According to Netanyahu all together the items stolen weighed half a ton.

Photographs taken inside the building where the archive was stored were shown during Netanyahu's speech. One hundred and eighty-three CD's stolen from the Iranians were displayed. Photographs of blueprints, documents and schematics were shown. Original Iranian Farsi-language slides, simulations and spreadsheets were projected on a screen on stage.

Taken together these materials show conclusively that Iran never intended to abandon its nuclear weapons program. They detail sustained efforts by the Iranians to move weapons work from one secret site to another. They demonstrate that Iran's intent was never to develop nuclear power or to use radiological isotopes for medical purposes but rather to field a missile system capable of carrying five nuclear warheads, each as large as the one which destroyed Hiroshima. The information acquired by Israeli intelligence even identifies the test sites in Iran to be used for testing of nuclear weapons.

In concluding his remarks, Netanyahu said: "Iran lied about never having had a nuclear program and, even after signing the nuclear accord, continued to preserve and expand its nuclear knowhow for future use." He said that Tehran lied again in 2015 by failing to come clean to the IAEA and continued to lie when its leaders declared they had never wanted to produce a nuclear weapon.

For years critics of the Iran nuclear deal have warned that we were deceived, that the Iranians lied, and that our agreement to lift sanctions and allow Iran to reenter the community of civilized nations was one of the great foreign policy disasters in American history. That is no longer an opinion. That is fact. The implications are immediate and immense.

First, if there were ever any doubt about the necessity for us to radically change direction regarding Iran and move forcefully and rapidly away from President Obama's policy of appeasement there is no longer. We made a deal with the devil. We allowed a dangerous, expansionist radical Islamic regime to set the Middle East on fire. In return we got nothing and made no lasting impact on its ability to field a nuclear arsenal.

This is not a minor blunder. We have allowed a very dangerous enemy to outmaneuver us. The Iranians do not want to coexist. They are out to dominate the Middle East. They are now well on their way.

We must abandon the Iran deal. We must reconstitute sanctions. We must put the Mullahs back in their box, and we must adopt regime change as our formal goal in Tehran. We must do all of this now.

Second, we must face the implications for the legacy of President Obama and that of his national security team. The fantasy spun by an adoring media is that Obama was some sort of transcendent figure on the world stage, a force for good, the man who won the Nobel Peace Prize before he had even sat down in the Oval Office.

The truth is much more prosaic and much less comforting. President Obama was naïve and ill informed. His world view, formed it appears by his mother, a self-loathing, "Blame America First", pseudo-intellectual, was both silly and dangerous. He appeared to believe that most disputes between the United States and other nations were the result of innocent misunderstandings that could be settled over milk and cookies. When confronted with problems more intractable he defaulted to the conclusion that we were to blame.

Obama's foreign policy has often been derisively referred to as a worldwide apology tour. That claim is not too far from the mark.

In the run up to the signing of the Iran nuclear deal representatives and known agents of the Iranian government made literally dozens of trips to the White House to meet with senior officials. They did their job. Our President and his key advisors bought a pack of deliberate, calculated lies, compromised our security and allowed one of the most dangerous regimes on the planet to steal a march on us.

The good news is that the deception, long assumed, has now been revealed. The bad news is that we will spend years digging out from the damage done.

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