Charlie Levine


Founder/Chairman of the Board, Team Up For 1 Foundation.

As of July 13, 2018, Charlie's 5 articles like "Law To Require All Firearms To Use Safety Lock" have totaled 30.1K views and shares.

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JUL 04 2018
AND Magazine

Freedom Is Not Free

Somebody Has To Be Ready To Fight To Keep Us Free
"Freedom is everything. Freedom is beautiful. Freedom is priceless"

JUN 18 2018
AND Magazine

Law To Require All Firearms To Use Safety Lock

It Won't Solve All Our Problems But We Have To Start Somewhere
"Every firearm purchased (or change of ownership) within the United States (new and used) must include an INDEPENDENT (not part of original fire arm device) SAFETY LOCK (by key or combination)."

APR 26 2018
AND Magazine

A Sitcom Called Stormy Does Donald

Want To Open More Cans Of Worms? Go Ahead, Make My Day!
"Will America be smart enough to elect a Commander-in-Chief we can all be proud of?"

MAR 29 2018
AND Magazine

Selfish Politicians

Reinventing Our Political Process
"And wouldn't it be great if we could find the courage, swallow our pride and make the word compromise the word of the year?"

MAR 19 2018
AND Magazine

Why A Jewish Democrat Voted Republican

It's Just Business
"It all came down to one very important question for me – what kind of country are we leaving behind for our kids?"