Elizabeth Louise


Elizabeth Louise is a blogger/social media influencer.
She writes about social issues, Christianity and politics.
She is passionate about social injustices and adoptions.
She supports the End It movement.

As of November 20, 2018, Elizabeth's 7 articles like "Male Teacher Faces Discipline" have totaled 49.9K views and shares.

Elizabeth's 7 most recent articles:

NOV 16 2018
AND Magazine

Male Teacher Faces Discipline

For Refusing To Watch Girl Undress In Boys Locker Room
"Either way, this was a losing battle. If he agrees, then he gets attacked and called a"

MAY 02 2018
AND Magazine

Taking The Boy Out of Boy Scouts

The War On Boys Being Boys
"...we have Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts for a reason. One focuses on empowering girls and molding them into strong and capable women, the other focuses on molding young boys into strong and capable men."

APR 18 2018
AND Magazine

Starbucks to Close 8,000 Stores On May 29th

Mandatory Racial Bias Training
"Only after they refused to leave, were the cops called. The cops then asked the men to leave, not once but three times. When they refused they were arrested for trespassing."

APR 03 2018
AND Magazine

YouTube Shooter

What You Should Know About Nasim Aghdam
"All of the warning signs that something was not quite right or that something bad might happen were there."

APR 01 2018
AND Magazine

Trump Tweets No More DACA

It Is The Law
"Our government bends over backwards to support and reward rule breakers."

MAR 30 2018
AND Magazine

The Resurrection Is No Prank

Why Easter on April Fools is Perfect
"This year on Easter we are reminded that Jesus played the ultimate prank on Satan. (God has a sense of humor too)."

MAR 12 2018
AND Magazine

My First Thought: Ban Guns

Maybe if we ban guns then we will have fewer school shootings?
"...my first thought was for the enforcement of stricter gun laws and for the possible ban of guns."

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