George H Wittman


George Wittman served in the US Army during and after the Korean War and, in the following decades, he became intimately involved in national security, global intelligence matters and international business. Along the way he managed businesses, founded public service organizations, and now writes prolifically. Some of Mr. Wittmans's accomplishments: President of G.H. Wittman, Inc. a family firm founded in 1885 to manage family interests in exploration, mining and international trade; Co-founder of The Middle East Newsletter; and founding Chairman of the National Institute for Public Policy, a non-profit devoted to research on technological and policy aspects of national defense.

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JUL 10 2018
AND Magazine
National Security

Oversight In The World Of Human Intelligence

If You Don't Understand The Business Keep Your Hands Off
"In the world of foreign covert human intelligence (humint) the most disruptive circumstance that occurs is the advent of "civilian" assessment of a unit's operational record."

JUN 26 2018
AND Magazine

What Makes President Donald Trump Tick?

An Operational Profile Of The US President
"His most obvious failing is his obvious and overwhelming ego. He just doesn't have the ability – or perhaps interest – in self-criticism."

JUN 25 2018
AND Magazine
National Security

Imperial Russia Redux

What Vlad Really Wants
"And here we are today with a Putin-dominated hybrid political-economic system that draws more on the old imperial Russian ethos than anything of which Lenin dreamed."

JUN 18 2018
AND Magazine
National Security

America's Threat And Fact Of Military Action

Put Aside Endless Diplomacy When It Becomes Counter-Productive
"Faced with clearly aggressive totalitarian regimes such as these, decisive military action may have to be employed simply as a logical defensive measure."