J J Bakhtiar


Retired Investment Banker, educated in the UK, currently doing charity work.

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JUN 28 2018
AND Magazine
National Security

AND EXCLUSIVE: Interview With An Iranian Patriot

JJ Bakhtiari Speaks About Regime Change And Freedom For The Iranian People
"I believe Mr. Trump will see the light and see a free Iran as a beacon and asset to the Middle East and indeed to the world."

MAR 19 2018
AND Magazine
Foreign Policy

The Child In The Well

Waiting for the Mahdi
"Primarily on Tuesday evenings even today crowds of thousands of people gather at Jamkaran to pray and to drop a note to the Imam via the well."

MAR 13 2018
AND Magazine

We Must Stop the Killing

No other nation on earth would tolerate this bloodshed.
"Can the rest of the world boast of a superior mental health syndrome detection program? is that the major underlying factor that americans must digest?"