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I am a Senior Fellow at Soran University Erbil Iraqi Kurdistan and the president of JANUSThink, a consulting firm in Northern Virginia. A Retired Army Military Intelligence analyst (all source-pol/mil) with a focus on, from the beginning, Soviet Union/Russia, North Korea and the Middle East, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. I was listed as an SME on Kurdistan at the end of my military career and continued as a government contractor. In total I have 30+ years of intel experience, both tactical and strategic. I have, both in uniform and as a civilian written for and briefed senior decision makers both civilian and military as well as foreign officials. Since my retirement I have contributed to Kurdish on line news outlets, NRT, Rudaw and K24, writing both analysis and opinion as well as an on air contributor and analyst. I have also written for the American Spectator as well as having opinion pieces in the Washington Times. I have been interviewed as a regional expert by Sky News and TRT. My background includes education and experience in Political Science, History and Military Science. My writings use history to connect with current events and project to likely future outcomes. While in service my experience ran from a brigade S2 to working for an intelligence agency and then in support of the J2 at the Joint Staff in the Pentagon.

As of November 20, 2018, Paul's 8 articles like "The Constitution Is Alive" have totaled 41.5K views and shares.

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SEP 13 2018
AND Magazine

The Constitution Is Alive

The Constitution Is Abused And Misunderstood But Still Going Strong
"The constitution is a unique and brilliantly written document that has protected the citizens of the united states for over two hundred years. it has been abused, stretched and manipulated over the ye"

AUG 29 2018
AND Magazine

How Russia Uses American Emotion to Wreak Havoc

Russia's True Intention
"As the old saying goes minds are like parachutes: they only work when they're open."

JUN 20 2018
AND Magazine

Trumpolmacy and Singapore

Emphasizing Action Over Diplomatic Niceties
"Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula."

MAY 10 2018
AND Magazine

Iran Deal Spread War And Terror In Middle East

Billions Of Dollars Financed Terror And War
"A much-overlooked problem with the deal is that all the optics were on keeping Iran from developing a nuclear weapon and ignoring the more immediate consequence of funding and exporting terrorism."

APR 29 2018
AND Magazine

Trump Brings Little Rocket Man To The Table

Now For The Hard Part
"This time however instead of being met with a bribe the North Koreans were met with a threat. As the tweet storm raged it became apparent that the US was not backing down."

MAR 28 2018
AND Magazine
National Security

Preparing For The Coming Attack

The Poor Man's A-Bomb
"No one expects a major chemical attack in a US city tomorrow, but no one expected passenger airliners to be used as missiles either."

MAR 20 2018
AND Magazine

Is North Korea For Real?

Trump Agrees to Meet with Kim Jong-Un
"If Kim is convinced only in his own invincibility and position of power, that he can stop the US, there will be no resolution and we will have inched closer to an armed confrontation."

MAR 13 2018
AND Magazine
National Security

The New Cold War Is Here

Putin rearms
"Russian president putin in a recent speach brought full circle russia's return to a cold war footing."

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