Robert Cleveland


It isn't easy being a libertarian living on the Left Coast of America, though living in one of the reddest areas of one of America's bluest states isn't too bad, all things considered.

Keeping freedom alive in America is one of my most important goals, because it is our liberty that has made our nation great, and our liberty is under attack every day.

I'm an IT guy, specializing in technology and records management, working to make people's jobs easier every day. I have a wife, three kids, one dog, and 1.5 websites. I guess you could sum me up by saying that I'm a semi-millennial middle-class cisgender white male Christian, but why would you?

I refuse to be shoehorned into some R vs. D political party box; I prefer to think for myself and do my own research. The vast majority of the time, both parties are doing it wrong, and if they're saying something you like, they're probably lying to you. The political establishment is not to be trusted and should be voted against at every available opportunity.

When I'm not writing for AND Magazine, you can find me at True American Liberty.

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