Hiding The Truth About Gaza – Where Is Paul Harvey When You Need Him


For almost half a century, Americans listened to the commentaries on news events broadcast by the very popular radio personality Paul Harvey.  Almost a decade after his death, many still listen to archived broadcasts that famously reveal astonishing facts at a program’s end.  His signature lead into this factual revelation was, “and now for the rest of the story.”

Were he still alive, Harvey undoubtedly would have found an ideal storyline in the May 14th confrontation between Palestinians and IDF forces in Gaza—the day the US moved its embassy to Jerusalem generating Palestinian violence.

Most of what the international media reported is what one might describe as “aftermath” reporting—i.e., focused on the results of an incident—rather than “causation” reporting—i.e., focused on what led up to caused the aftermath.

Post-May 14th media reporting was fairly heavily slanted against Israel, focusing on the deaths of Palestinian “civilians” protesting the US embassy move on the 70th anniversary of Israel’s founding.  Those initial reports indicated at least 52 deaths, with the numbers increasing to 60 or more as riots continued during that week.  The media’s “blame Israel first” approach in their news reporting was obvious as some sources mocked US efforts hyping a peace deal with Palestinians “as Israel kills scores” of them.

Anti-Israel international sentiments were cultivated by news stories portraying “peaceful” Palestinian protesters unnecessarily being fired upon by Israel. Unsurprisingly, a never-friendly-to-Israel United Nations (UN) seeking to condemn the Jewish state once more, ordered an investigation allegedly for “disproportionate and indiscriminate use of force” to break up the riots.

Sadly, while the UN is an organization that seldom requires facts where Israel is involved, the slanted media reporting helped provide a catalyst for yet another anti-Israel initiative by the UN.  Accordingly, the incident the media painted for public consumption is in need of a Paul Harvey “causation” broad brush that reveals “the rest of the story.”

Reporting on the May 14th violence, Harvey would have told a most revealing tale—one an irresponsible media chose not to report—about the role played by the confrontation’s organizers, Hamas, designated as a foreign terrorist group by the US since 1997.  What most of the media chose to see and only report were alleged “unprovoked” Palestinian deaths occurring at the hands of Israelis—ignoring the fact Hamas had planned the violence ahead of time.

What the media turned a blind eye to is much more telling as to the causation leading to the loss of Palestinian lives.  This includes the following:

1) Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) faced an estimated 40,000 Palestinian rioters attempting to force their way across the border;

2) Rioters were instructed to arm themselves with weapons and/or incendiary devices—the former indiscriminately fired at IDF soldiers and the latter planted along the border fence wherever possible;

3) Rioters were instructed after successfully penetrating the border not to stop even to render aid to wounded comrades, focusing instead on killing as many Israelis as possible;

4) The vast majority of rioters were not “ready, willing and able” to undertake an effort to penetrate the border—they were unwilling civilians who were being prodded like cattle by Hamas handlers to force their way across the border;

5) This mass of Palestinian humanity was falsely being told by Hamas there was no danger ahead as Israeli soldiers had fled;

6) The main focus of the Hamas-initiated riots was to create a body count—preferably Israelis but success was also attainable should a high Palestinian body count occur for which the international community blamed Israel;

7) To hide most of what was going on along the border and disguise the fact the confrontation was no “peaceful protest,” Hamas organizers set tires on fire creating a “smokescreen” for their activities; and

8) In the end, the vast majority of Palestinian deaths were not civilians but Hamas terrorists—evidence that civilians were much less willing to become cannon fodder than were the Hamas terrorists.

The media, to its past credit, sought to uncover the truth wherever it was hidden.  Sadly, today, we see a much different breed of journalist reporting the news.  For today’s journalists uncovering truth no longer appears to be a motivator.  As such, the real reasons for the Palestinian riots and the deaths that occurred went unreported.

Even after evidence of the Hamas role became available, efforts continued to hide the truth.  French filmmaker Pierre Rehov made available on YouTube a film documenting the aforementioned riot events, only to have his account shut down “for violating YouTube’s community guidelines.”

It is incredible that while truth is clearly a defense against claims of defamation, slander and libel, it is not acceptable in countering the media’s defamation of Israel.

Rehov explained his motivation for producing the film and why it is important those interested in knowing the truth see it:

“I observed many times first hand how Palestinians build their propaganda, and I strongly believe that no peace will be possible as long as international media believe their narrative instead of seeing the facts.  Hamas knows that it can count on the international community when it launches initiatives such as those ‘peaceful protests’ which have claimed too many lives already, while Israel has no choice but to defend its borders.”

Rehov also makes clear Hamas’ mission is to eliminate the Jewish state, displaying in the film a Palestinian map with Israel noticeably missing.

After making the “great reveal” of facts in his commentaries, Paul Harvey ended a broadcast with, “Now you know the rest of the story.”  When it comes to Israel, it is unfortunate an irresponsible media has no desire to know it.

A sad commentary for the media is that truth, like beauty, “lies in the eyes of the beholder.”  The media has been corrupted, choosing to promote its theme over a story’s truth.  Meanwhile, it is a defamed Israel that is suffering the consequences.