Kanye Must Be Punished – Questions Cannot Be Tolerated


First, I have never been a particular fan of Kanye West. His music is not my style, and his behavior has been, for my taste, a little over the top for some time.

Second, the scathing attacks on Kanye launched by the liberal media in the way of West’s recent visit to the Oval Office have absolutely nothing to do with Kanye’s flamboyance, his manner of speech or his behavior. They are based on one simple principle. The Democratic Party believes it owns the African-American community, and any black man who dares challenge that must be shouted down and punished.

I have chosen the word “owns” above with a full appreciation for the historical significance and implications of the term. I have chosen it, because it conveys precisely the meaning I intend. Black Americans are expected to show up on election day, vote for Democratic candidates, then basically go home, shut up, sit down and stay out of the way. 

And, most of all they are not supposed to ask questions:Like, what about jobs? A community that emerged victorious from centuries of slavery, defeated Jim Crow and consigned segregation to the dustbin of history does not need or want handouts. It wants and deserves a chance to share in the American dream, own a home and make a future. Why after fifty years of a war on poverty does the Democratic Party talk only in terms of welfare, food stamps and subsidized housing? How about job training, bringing industry back to urban areas and encouraging entrepreneurship?What about drugs? Predominately black, inner-city neighborhoods are ravaged by violence fueled by a flood of drugs across our southern border. It seems like job one should be sealing that border, cutting off those drugs and crushing the gangs that smuggle them. Yet, Democratic lawmakers work all day every day to block efforts at controlling the border. Building a wall is absurd, however tolerating a flood of poison into our cities is reasonable? Why is it a national disgrace when the child of an illegal immigrant at the border is separated from his or her parent, but of no consequence when all across America black children are being victimized by the fallout from the drug trade every day?

As long as we are talking about the border, why are the rights of individuals knowingly entering our country in violation of our laws of more importance than the well being of native born African-Americans struggling to make a living? Illegal immigrants in this country overwhelmingly take jobs from those on the lowest rungs of the socio-economic ladder. That means in many cases, African-Americans. A US Civil Rights Commission study in 2010 determined immigration had a clear, disproportionate impact on black Americans, “Illegal immigration to the United States in recent decades has tended to depress both wages and employment rates for low-skilled American citizens, a disproportionate number of whom are black men.” Why does the Democratic Party care more about maintaining a flow of cheap labor than it does about jobs in the black community?

How about education? Prominent Democratic lawmakers are seized with burning issues, like the necessity for gender neutral restrooms in schools, whether or not Columbus Day should be called Indigenous People’s Day and the necessity to ban prayer in the classroom. What about fixing the schools so that kids are actually taught to read, write and do arithmetic? Playing at social engineering may be entertaining when you live in an upscale neighborhood and your kid goes to a private school anyway, but for black Americans still struggling with unemployment and a huge disparity in wealth compared to white Americans, jobs are everything and education is the key to employment in an increasingly technologically advanced workplace.

How about energy? One of the biggest factors driving the location of manufacturing facilities is the cost of the energy needed to run them. The availability of cheap, abundant fossil fuels like oil and natural gas in the United States is fueling a manufacturing renaissance here. Why has the Democratic Party, in the name of climate change, fought to cripple these industries in recent years? Why is the image of an (allegedly) starving polar bear of more significance to Democratic lawmakers than the images of suffering in poor African-American communities every day?

These and many more questions that must not be asked. Most of all, black Americans must not ask the ultimate question. If you have failed me for decades, if our neighborhoods are still impoverished, if our schools are still abysmal, if our children still struggle to find work, if you have no new answers beyond those we have been hearing for fifty years, why should I continue to vote for you?

Kanye’s crime is that he has had the audacity to think for himself , to ask these questions and to say so out loud. He has looked at a President who is driving black unemployment to historically low levels, trying to cut off the flood of drugs into inner cities and put job growth and economic progress here at home at the top of his agenda, thought for himself and arrived at his own conclusions.

For that he must be punished. One man thinking for himself is an annoyance. One man who sparks others to begin to think for themselves is a revolution.