This Is Not Immigration – This Is An Invasion


Thousands of “migrants” are working their way north across Central America toward the United States. Every day we are told their numbers have increased. Scenes of poor Hondurans and Guatemalans trooping toward the US border in hopes of a better life fill the Internet and our television screens. The President, quite sensibly, has threatened to send the military to the border to ensure the “caravan” does not cross onto US soil. There is a sense of foreboding and, appropriate to our current national mood, ever growing tension regarding what action to take.

What there is not much of is real, fact-based reporting on what is going on. All journalism begins, as does intelligence work, with asking questions, usually common-sense ones, and then pulling on threads until answers are found. In this case, the questions are obvious.

Did thousands upon thousands of poor Central Americans really just spontaneously stand up one day and start walking North? If not, who directed them to do so, where to meet and what roads to use? Who is organizing food and shelter for a vast army of people on a trip, which will take many weeks? Pictures in the press have shown at least some of the “migrants” boarding buses and flat bed trucks. Where did those come from?

Who is paying for all of this? Such an endeavor would not cost billions of dollars. It would not come cheap either.

Why are “migrants” who claim to be marching to the United States to seek shelter there, in the home of liberty carrying their own national flags and denouncing a sitting US President as they march? Would they not be expected, as future proud Americans, to be carrying American flags, singing God Bless America and talking about the pride they feel in becoming citizens of the greatest nation on earth?

Perhaps we will find answers if we pull on a single thread.

Roughly a week ago the Guatemalan authorities, in response to demands for action from the US government, arrested and deported a man named Bartolo Fuentes. Per the Guatemalan government, Fuentes, a Honduran citizen, was arrested and sent back to Honduras, because he was the coordinator of the “migrant caravan” and was in the country illegally.

Fuentes is not a simple private citizen. Fuentes is a former member of the Honduran legislature and a member of the Libre’ Party. While Fuentes is no longer in the legislature, he remains a senior member of the Party. Photos posted by him on his Facebook page show him at a Libre’ Party convention in Honduras roughly three weeks before the “caravan” formed, sitting literally at the right hand of the Party’s leader, Manuel Zelaya. His social media postings also show him at a string of such gatherings all over Honduras and make clear his continued top-level involvement with the activities of the Party.

Fuentes has admitted that he was in Guatemala and was participating in the activities of the “migrant caravan.” His social media postings confirm this and show him present at every stage of the march until he was arrested. His social media postings also show him providing information on where participants in the “caravan” should meet to begin the march in Honduras and other organizational details.

Fuentes says, however, that he was not the sole individual in charge of the organization of the caravan. In an interview with La Tribuna, a Honduran newspaper, on October 16, 2018 Fuentes stated there were “organizers from Tegucigalpa and La Ceiba,” all of whom he knew from Libre’ and considered “fighters.” He said they numbered around twenty and that prior to the march they met in El Progreso, Yoro, Honduras. He added that there were now 160 individuals accompanying the march.

It is perhaps worth noting that El Progreso, where Fuentes says the meeting took place to organize the “caravan,” is where the Libre’ Party convention was held in late September 2018 at which Fuentes was pictured sitting next to Party President Manuel Zelaya.

The Libre’ Party is not simply another Central American political party. It is the personal creation of Manuel Zelaya. It’s entire purpose is to restore Zelaya, the former President of Honduras to power. Zelaya was deposed in 2009 after he made repeated attempts to subvert the constitution of Honduras and have himself made dictator for life.

Zelaya and Libre’ are, and have always been, allied closely with socialist governments in Latin America like Cuba and Venezuela. Even as Venezuela descends into the abyss and the abject failure of its totalitarian regime becomes more evident every day, Libre’ continues to express its solidarity with the Maduro regime. The fact that Venezuela has become a staunch ally of Iran and a base of operations for Hezbollah does not seem to have dampened the Party’s enthusiasm for this alliance in the least.

When Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was reelected earlier this year in a sham election staged by an oppressive, socialist regime, Manuel Zelaya, issued a public statement referring to the election as “victory against the criminal attack campaigns orchestrated by the United States against a democratic people who seek dialogue and peace.” Within Honduras Libre’ uses exactly the kind of mob tactics, spreading chaos and disorder, that were used in Venezuela to install Hugo Chavez and his henchmen in Caracas in 1998.

The full scope of the conspiracy behind this “migrant caravan” remains as yet unclear. Yet, already what has emerged shows that far from being a campaign for the rights of oppressed peoples it is a deliberate, pre-planned effort on the part of socialist enemies of the United States to damage American prestige and to embarrass American allies. The men and women moving their way north and subjecting themselves to significant hardship and risk are likely for the most part pawns in this game. They know only that someone has fed them the lie that they will emerge from this better off.

Behind the march, however, are emerging the shadowy outlines of old enemies – socialists, communist dictators and parties whose real agenda does not include democratic government or individual liberty. It is the installation of oppressive, totalitarian regimes in this Hemisphere.

Now, it’s time to keep pulling on the thread, to expose the truth and to find the facts. We know this much already. This is not immigration. This is invasion.