The Grandson Of The Shah’s Last Prime Minister Speaks Harsh Truths About Iran, Europe And Justice

The current state of affairs in Iran is akin to the devil’s alternative.  No matter what happens far too many Iranians – men, women and children – will die.  Millions of Iranians are in dire need of water, food and medicine.  Prostitution, drug addiction, fraud, theft and many other crimes are significantly up in correlation with the collapsing economy.  Yet, while the average man or woman suffers, the members of the “elite” in Iran get rich.

In the past six months, despite the cunning infiltration by Iranian agents into opposition social media outlets, including the BBC Persian service in London, some websites have managed to report precise and credible criminal activities by the regime.  The names of the culprits have been divulged, alongside plausible proof such as banking details, residences or business locations globally.  The reports produced some mild reaction, but on the whole the Islamic mafia back in Tehran maintained gan- like solidarity.

For the Ayatollahs and their gangster-like cronies there is no way out and no way to compromise.  They have nowhere to go and no intention of backing down.

The Ayatollahs and senior IRGC officers know full well that a democratic Iran will inevitably hunt them down due to their domestic and international crimes; one might call it the Ghaddafi syndrome.  These desperate yet ruthless men and women, I fear, must hold a final solution, one that reminds us of the Nazi final solution, but with a twist.

The Ayatollahs fear the consequences of a Nuremberg-style trial where many aspects of the regime’s fascism and corruption will emerge publicly.  The European Union (EU) will also be shamefaced by its corrupt and undemocratic behavior in the last four decades.  The legal strategy employed by many of the defendants at the Nuremberg war crimes trials will be ineffective in Iran.  Many of those defendants claimed that they were not guilty of the charges against them as they were “only following orders.”

Many members of Khamenei’s inner circles, such as the 91-year-old “butcher,” Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, the Chairman of the Council of Experts, will never be able to seek asylum outside Iran.  No country will accept these creatures.  Members of such a special club are primarily men (and a few women) who regard the country and the assets as their personal possessions.

These monsters will burn limitless amounts of national assets to “restore order” in the country.  The giving away of the Caspian Sea was a very painful example.  It’s essential that all senior politicians and armed forces personnel are duly paid and allowed to nourish their corrupt and ruthless business empires despite the economic mayhem.  Without the revenues from oil and its derivatives, the IRGC would capitulate or even become a more perilous animal.  The current financial reserves indicate that the Iranian economy will capitulate in less than a year.

The likes of Ahmad Jannati, the Larijani brothers and General Qasem Soleimani will ultimately turn the city of Qom into an Alamo.  The Persian “Simon Wiesenthals” are hard at work.  The children and grandchildren of these mobsters are roaming in countries such as Canada, France, Germany and Australia with billions of government dollars.  They can’t stay invisible indefinitely and soon the host countries will have to answer as to the source of their colossal funds.  The closer the regime gets to capitulation, the more the host countries will collaborate.  After all only interest is permanent not friendship.

In the last few months people have seen the resurrection of a gigantic and diversified black market; it was inevitable.  Once again, it’s the IRGC which controls all goods coming into the country, and it sells the monopolized goods at backbreaking prices to the public.  The capital flight out of Iran is in full swing and it will further weaken the Rial and further hike inflation to record levels. Khamenie’s son, Mojtaba, by far the biggest criminal in Iran, has investments of 3 billion Euros in several German multinationals through a holding company.  An Iranian journalist in Europe obtained a copy of the documentation. There has been no response from Angela Merkel.

The Erdogan family has consistently benefited financially from the sanctions against Iran.  With such a huge border, (500km) circumventing the sanctions has been simple and lucrative.  The love affair between Erdogan and the Ayatollahs has been decimating for the Iranian population.  One day the Turks will realize what a thief and murderer calls himself their President.  The ultimate dream of this dictator is to be remembered as the champion of Islam and an equal to Ataturk.

The Iranian masses fear participation in protests since the regime has made it crystal clear that all revolutionary elements within the country will be confronted by live ammunition.  The tsunami which is needed in order to flush the Ayatollahs out of Iran has gathered economic height and seems unstoppable.  Yet the streets are often times deserted and silent.  Hundreds of strikes by the working class have led to torture, imprisonment and deaths.  The crowds lack real direction and the solid belief that after four decades the most heinous regime on planet Earth will dissipate eternally.

The pivotal and absent ingredient is a true, defiant and courageous leader.  The only realistic and pragmatic choice for spearheading the overthrow of the Ayatollahs is the exiled Crown Prince, Reza Pahlavi.  The unfortunate disunity and perpetual feud amongst Iranian factions has played into the hands of the Ayatollahs.  Many opposition factions need a kick in the backside in order for them to put Iran first instead of their personal ambitions.  Sadly, so far, many have been nothing more than pretentious, midnight cowboys.

A clear example of European hypocrisy in politics has been the recent whirlwind around the unfortunate death of Jamal Khashoggi.  Why didn’t the champions of democracy utter a word when so many Iranian dissidents were assassinated all over Europe for nearly four decades?  Suddenly their hearts bleed for a Saudi journalist?

Countless Iranian journalists have been tortured and murdered by the regime without a single mention by the EU.  The EU only recognizes the Ayatollahs in power, and they naively believe that Iran deserves such an abhorrent regime.  Merkelism and Macronism will bow to a free and democratic Iran and one day apologize to the people of Iran.  Their unquenchable and fixated lust for Iran’s oil and gas has blinded the above leaders to the institutionalization and cementation of shariah law in Berlin or Paris.  Maybe one day they will realize that in 1979, by unleashing and sponsoring Ayatollah Khamenei to conquer Iran, they in essence championed a contagious gangrenous chameleon. Undoubtedly, Iranians such as I will need and expect answers the day after the victory. Time after time the Europeans have tried to win us over with simple trifles only to betray us in the deepest of consequences.

An honest and conscientious gesture by the French government back in 1979 would have been to inform all Iranians that they’re about to live through an Islamic version of George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm.”  Today in 2018, the French government still wants the Islamic dictatorship to continue inflicting its savage doctrine upon Iranian citizens. The only concession demanded is that Iran doesn’t obtain nukes and that Total S.A,. a French multinational oil and gas company, remains the primary winner of oil and gas contracts.  The profit margins are huge since the Ayatollahs welcome and are accustomed to bribery.  One should clearly recall Muammar Gaddafi’s State visit in Paris with honors just over a decade ago.

So, I ask “What became of Liberté, égalité and fraternité – the national motto of France? Iranians have witnessed four decades of complete indifference towards the human rights and ample collaboration with the Ayatollahs principally by turning a blind eye to scores of assassinations perpetuated or sponsored by the Islamic regime on French territory.  France has no right to preach democracy to a single Iranian.  Every Iranian should know “that individuals should enjoy the liberty to pursue their own interests and preferences.”

If the Ayatollahs do try and block the Straits of Hormuz, then the United States Navy will unleash firepower that the world has never seen.  Rouhani, the Iranian President, told the Iranian parliament with a malicious smile that “if we can’t export oil past the straits of Hormuz then nobody can.”  Once again, the regime is prepared to engage in war with the world’s most prolific army since the beginning of time, whilst totally disengaged from all catastrophic eventualities for the nation.  The morning after such a disaster, the Iranian landscape will resemble Hiroshima in 1945 and today’s Zimbabwe economically.  It will certainly keep Kim Jong-Un awake at night!

The United States must bring the Europeans to the table and make them an offer they can’t refuse.  And no one can do that better than Donald Trump.  Iranians will remember Americans as the liberators and the EU as the collaborators.  Until that day much dialogue is needed amongst Iranians from all spectrums of politics.  The White House must police all exports and imports from Iran and punish severely the cheating governments, companies and individuals.  Exonerations must be in the oil sector especially amongst the EU, NATO and friends.

The vast majority of Iranians vehemently oppose the billions of dollars that are sent annually to Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon for sponsoring terrorism.  Instead of improving the livelihoods of Iranians the Ayatollahs can’t give enough funds and praise to terrorists.  Congress or the POTUS must reinstate the IRGC on the international terrorist list, as this gesture would be perceived positively by Iranians both home and abroad.

For the moment the Iranians are waiting for a groundbreaking event to trigger the revolution.  The day that the population, including many religious Iranian citizens, realize that the Ayatollahs are an imminent and existential threat to the nation, then chains of definitive demonstrations will commence.  Currently the masses have a multitude of questions regarding the regime change or transition period and other uncertainties.  Whilst the economic collapse slowly gathers pace the archaic Iranian navy plays Russian roulette by jumping waves near U.S. battle ships in the Persian Gulf.  Those Islamic idiots don’t realize that a small incident could lead to a full-scale war.

The Iranian population needs convincing that the Europeans will stop their comedy vis à vis the derisory Iran nuke deal.  Many Iranians, including myself wonder how many diplomats were bribed in order for the deal to happen.  Most participants knew from day one that a deal was almost compulsory and that the Ayatollahs were going to receive a fortune in cash.

A possible catalyst for a regime change in Iran would involve an official meeting between Mr. Pompeo and Reza Pahlavi.  Consequently, numerous hesitant Iranians will capture courage and chant Pahlavi’s name all across Iran.  However, if the Ayatollahs are secretly and repeatedly invited to discuss “matters” behind closed doors, then why should Iranians risk their lives while deception continues?

Iranians don’t want to be sold a utopia.  Even hope has an exhaustion level and it doesn’t solve any calamities and more often than not, it further prolongs torment.  They need to hear Reza Pahlavi talking firmly with conviction about a comprehensive roadmap.  The crown prince must be seen with top U.S officials, ideally with Mr. Pence or Mr. Pompeo.  Sadly, the Europeans are temporarily amnesiac about the crown prince.

Many Iranians have distanced themselves from the Trump administration even with direct attacks on the President.  I believe that they’re short-minded, misinformed and somewhat gullible.  When the lives and livelihoods of millions of Iranians are at stake then Mr. Trump’s occasional unorthodox remarks seem remarkably insignificant.  The Iranian opposition must embrace this exceptional chance to liberate the country.  The window of opportunity is open, and the Ayatollahs are deep down in their bunkers.  Unity under an unwavering leader is the only solution.  The only amiable thought which remains constant on my mind is that “the Ayatollahs will perish soon, but Iran will never die.”