Stuffing The Ballot Box


In AD 122 the Emperor Hadrian, ruler of the Roman Empire, ordered the building of a wall along a line roughly corresponding to the division between modern day England and Scotland.  It would mark the northern limit of the Roman Empire, and it would keep the barbarian Scots out of Roman England.

In the 1300’s the Ming Dynasty of China, arguably the most powerful political entity on the planet at the time, constructed what is known as the Great Wall of China.  Running for 5500 miles, it was intended to keep the Mongolian hordes out of the empire.  It stands largely intact to this day.

In the aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq, in 2003, American military commanders constructed an entire network of walls inside Baghdad to separate Sunni and Shia neighborhoods, control the flow of people and vehicles and help soldiers get a handle on an exploding civil war.  Many of those walls have only comparatively recently been dismantled.

In 2016, when he left the White House, former President Barack Obama bought a large residence in northwest Washington DC.  The first thing he did, even before occupying the home, was to have a wall built around the entire compound.

In 2018 Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic lawmakers announced that none of these emperors, presidents and generals had any idea what they were doing.  Walls don’t work.  Building one on the southern border would be a waste of time and money.

The Democratic position in this regard would be laughable on its face, were it not for the very serious reason it has been adopted.  The reality is that the Democratic Party opposes a border wall not because it won’t work – but because IT WILL.

The modern Democratic Party was built on the bedrock of support from the white working-class, factory workers, farmers, lunch-pail Americans looking for someone to speak for them in the halls of power.  That support began to drift away under Ronald Reagan.  With the rise of Donald Trump what remained of that support fled the party.

Democrats now cling to power based on the support of African-Americans. They comprise such a large portion of the modern Democratic Party’s base, in fact, that even a limited movement of African-American voters to the Republican Party would shift the balance of power decisively against Democrats and ensure an overwhelming Republican majority in both houses of Congress and in most state legislatures.  There simply are not enough other liberal voters in the United States to make up the difference.

Blacks continue to vote overwhelmingly for Democratic candidates, but with each election cycle that once “lockstep” allegiance becomes weaker as this past election cycle witnessed a larger #Walk-Away movement led by Candace Owens and others.  The writing is on the wall.  If the Democrats do not find voters elsewhere, the future is bleak.

Enter the Hispanic vote and the burning necessity for the Democratic Party to not only corner the market on votes from existing Hispanic voters, but to drive up the numbers of Hispanic voters in the country, at any cost.  That means ensuring that nothing stands in the way of what is one of the biggest mass migrations in human history – the flood of millions of Central Americans into the United States.*

It also means attacking protections against voter fraud to ensure that these new “voters” can cast their ballots for Democratic candidates, even when the law says they are not eligible.

If you want to see this piece of the game plan on full display go to California, where a combination of new laws and questionable election practices have led to what can only be described as widespread voter fraud and the outright theft of elections.

California allows ballots to be submitted by mail and/or hand carried to voting centers.  It places no restrictions on who can deliver these ballots, nor does it prevent individuals from assisting voters in filling out their ballots.  In practice, what this has led to are widespread Democratic Party operations in which teams of “ballot harvesters” go out to communities, contact Democratic voters, fill out their ballots for them and then deliver those ballots to election officials.  Many of the individuals involved in these “ballot harvesting” operations in California are, in fact, themselves illegally in the country and have no right to vote themselves.

The situation in California is made worse by questions surrounding the integrity of the voter rolls in the first place.  In California individuals are automatically registered to vote when they get a driver’s license. Theoretically, this should only be true for lawful residents of the state, but recent information obtained by Judicial Watch has demonstrated that at a minimum there are some very serious questions about the mechanics of the process and who is ending up on voter rolls.  Data shows that the number of individuals registered to vote in Los Angeles was, up until very recently, 112% of the total number of living adults in the county.  In California as a whole, somehow 101% of adults were registered.

The result of this combined strategy of flooding the nation with illegals and simultaneously eliminating safeguards against voter fraud are, from a Democratic Party perspective, impressive.  When the polls closed on election night in November, six California Republican House candidates were ahead in their races.  Some of them were so far ahead that they declared victory.  Yet, over the next few days enough ballots appeared to allow Democratic candidates to win all six seats.  In Orange County alone, 250,000 such ballots were “found.”

This is the Democratic Party strategy for gaining and maintaining political power.  That it means subverting the electoral process and engaging in widespread fraud is irrelevant.  The ends justify the means and control is all that matters.

Pelosi, Schumer and their minions may speak in terms of compassion, humanity and brotherhood.  That is nothing but smoke.  This is bare knuckles, “old school” ballot box stuffing.

And it is working.

*In 2018, 62% of Latino voters identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party. (PewHispanic.Org)