The Democrats, Orcasio-Cortez & Political Suicide

“For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind. The standing grain has no heads; it shall yield no flour; if it were to yield, strangers would devour it.” Hosea 8:7

To “reap the whirlwind” is an English expression, drawn from a Biblical verse. It means that you will pay for your transgressions, that your actions have consequences, and that ultimately, you will be consumed by those consequences. Your deeds in short will come back to haunt you.

It could be the motto of the new Democratic Party.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s the Democratic Party became identified with a series of “social justice” movements focused on the “liberalization” of American society. Presidents like John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson championed integration, equal rights for women and enhanced personal freedom. These causes enjoy the overwhelming support of present-day Americans. Outside of bizarre, white nationalist circles today, for example, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would seriously attempt to defend racial segregation or deny equal pay for equal work to women in the work place.

Along the way, however, the Democratic Party lost its way. It became hooked on the electoral power of divisive, identity politics, addicted to the idea of a never-ending “revolution” against some new boogie man or scapegoat. A campaign for equal rights for gay Americans morphed somehow into an effort to tear down and obliterate the “patriarchy,” a code word apparently for the entire traditional gender-based social structure on which the nation was built. A struggle to ensure all Americans enjoyed equal access to the ballot box expanded and shape shifted into an attack on all measures designed to safeguard the electoral process and a thinly disguised effort to allow illegal aliens to vote in elections to which they should have no access.  A battle to guarantee that all Americans, regardless of creed, color or ethnicity, could live side by side in dignity became a war in which white males are told they can be selectively discriminated against and must apologize for the overwhelming stench of their “white privilege.”

The absurdity of the positions now championed knows no bounds:

Socialist Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez trots out a ruinously expensive “Green New Deal” built around concepts like the massive expansion of passenger rail just as California, ground zero for all mad liberal schemes, announces that its massive passenger rail program is going bust and must be slashed to the bone. No one blinks an eye. Every Democratic candidate for President worth his or her salt races to endorse “AOC”’s madness.

Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris endorses the idea of reparations for slavery. Her father in Jamaica responds by reminding her that she is the descendant of slave owners in that island nation. Never mind. Perhaps she will pay reparations to herself.

In Connecticut, male athletes, who have decided to label themselves “female,” dominate track and field championships, easily defeat their female competitors and threaten to undue decades of progress this nation has made in expanding and cultivating women’s athletics. Female athletes say outright they simply cannot hope to compete head to head with men masquerading as women. Nothing to see here. The rights of the one are now much more important than those of the many. The science of “transgenderism” has been anointed. Critics of the new path will be labeled as ignorant defenders of an outmoded, oppressive social system and silenced.

There is no end in sight for any of this. With each new announcement of another Democrat jumping into the ring and seeking the Presidential nomination in 2020, the party veers ever further to the left. Ideas – a universal annual income, the nationalization of health care, the abolishment of ICE and control over our borders – which would have been laughed off as extremist only a few years ago are now championed openly by every major candidate. Barack Obama stated repeatedly while in office his commitment to controlling the southern border and ending illegal immigration. He would be considered a Neanderthal in his own party today.

Yet, while the mad scramble to the left continues unabated, there is a reckoning coming. In the end, the Democratic Party may nominate who it pleases, but that nominee will then have to stand for office nationwide against a Republican opponent – almost certainly the sitting President – and present this basket of mad ideas masquerading as a platform to the American populace. If current trends hold true, that contest will be a bloodbath, and Donald Trump will be assured of four more years.

A great many Americans have reservations about the President’s tone, his choice of words and his often brash personal behavior. They wish he would tweet less, posture less and let his actions speak for themselves. They may, in fact, often wish someone else were sitting in the Oval Office.

That does not make these Americans mad. It does not make them socialists. It does not suggest in the slightest that they want to uproot the entire social structure of the nation, turn over health care to the government, abandon fossil fuels or have the schools telling them what pronouns they must use in talking to their children.

A Democratic Party behaving in a rational manner would recognize that. It would moderate its policies, steer toward the middle and present the country with a candidate who presents himself as the “steady hand” on the wheel and a “uniter” in an age of division and rancor. The Party cannot, however. It has cast the die. It has gone all in on division, extremism and rancor.   Nothing is going to change now.

It has sown the wind. The whirlwind is coming.