Christians For Trump


Franklin Graham of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association recently issued a call for a Special Day of Prayer for the President on June 2 “that God would protect, strengthen, embolden, and direct him.”  The effort is supported by hundreds of faith leaders and thousands of individuals. In the announcement on his Facebook page, Graham noted that “This is a critical time for America. We’re on the edge of a precipice. Time is short. We need to pray for God to intervene. We need to ask God to protect, strengthen, encourage, and guide the President.”  He called on pastors, congregations, Sunday Schools, families and individuals to commit to set aside time to pray for President Trump.  The post has been shared by over 143,000 Facebook users.

The Special Day of Prayer comes at a time when Democrats are renewing calls to impeach the President.  Disappointed by the results of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections, some of the President’s more aggressive opponents are using recent statements by Mueller as a way to reinvigorate attacks on Trump.  On May 29, Mueller made a public statement at the Department of Justice on the closing of the investigation.  Since that statement, many politicians and political commentators have expressed support for renewed efforts to impeach Trump for a variety of offenses.

Throughout the highs and lows of the 2016 election and Trump Administration, a number of evangelical Christian leaders have been unwavering in their support for Trump.  Often noting that while he is a flawed individual, he and his Administration have zealously supported many issues that are important to Christians.  This includes high profile efforts like appointing pro-life Justices to the U.S. Supreme Court and initiatives that are more in the weeds of government bureaucracy, particularly as it relates to federal regulations.  

The organized support of evangelical leaders who are regularly involved in national debates only tells part of the story.  Some of the most uplifting moments regarding the President have come spontaneously from his Christian supporters.  When the National Champion University of Alabama football team visited the White House and hosted an impromptu prayer circle over the President the photo’s immediately went viral.  Many were inspired by the diverse group of players with their heads lowered and hands placed on each others shoulders in earnest prayer.  JK Scott, the player who initiated the prayer, stated that he was moved to do it “because God wants to touch [Trump] and God wants to show him he loves him.”  There is also a Presidential Prayer Team that issues daily prayer requests to thousands of supporters for the President, Vice President, Members of the Administration and other national leaders.  

The President and Vice President’s support from the Christian community will be critical in the coming months as the intense demands of the upcoming election increase.  They are likely grateful to have it.